Whitehorse City Council

2015 Shortlisted Projects

Congratulations to the 2015 winners and the shortlisted projects below:

2015 Award Recipients

Single House Project – New Dwelling

Winner: Concept to Completion House, Blackburn

BEA 2015 Concept to Completion Rear

Single House Project – Renovated Dwelling

Winner: Maxa Design House, Nunawading

BEA 2015 Maxa Design External

Unit and Townhouse Project

No award given

Apartment Project

Commendation: 2-4 Queen Street, Blackburn

BEA 2015 Queen Street External

Commercial or Retail Project

Winner: Brand Smart

BEA 2015 Brandsmart 1

Institutional Project

Winner: RSPCA

BEA 2015 RSPCA Burwood 2

Commendation: Mitcham Private Hospital

Landscape Design Project

Winner: 333 Burwood Highway, Burwood

BEA 2015 PLC Learning Resource Centre 2

Mayors Award

Winner: Box Hill Institute Integrated Technology Hub

BEA 2015 Box Hill TAFE 2

People’s Choice Award

Winner: Lily Loves George Café

BEA 2015 Lily Loves George 2 


2015 Shortlisted Projects

Unit and Townhouse Project

413 Elgar Road, Mont Albert

This development sits comfortably on a corner site, integrated with the surrounds by means of an engaging landscape. The site design ensures that each townhouse receives generous amounts of natural light and the private courtyards are functional and engaging. The materials selected for this project are high quality and provide a distinct character, warmth and texture.

Project Team: information not provided.


BEA 2015 Elgar Road ExternalBEA 2015 Elgar Road Kitchen
91 Morack Road, Vermont South

This four lot townhouse project on a large lot was home to a famous Robin Boyd designed home from the late 1950’s. The architectural style of the development responds to the original Boyd house, and is underpinned by some of the same principles – modern architectural aesthetics and functional planning. The Boyd house was thoughtfully restored due to its architectural appeal and the history it was representative of. The additional three dwellings are evenly placed around the property and share similar roof lines and materials to the existing home. Existing canopy trees where retained where possible as an important landscape element.

Project Team: Australian Drafting Services and Septima Developments P/L.


BEA 2015 Morack Road ExternalBEA 2015 Morack Road Outdoor Dining
690 Whitehorse Road, Mont Albert

The project provides an excellent example of a contemporary architectural response to a townhouse development. It represents a diversity in form and appearance to other developments in its immediate context. Each of the eight two story townhouses has a private courtyard with good solar access, the palette of materials and tones are applied to the elevations to provide an identity for each townhouse. The development deliberately presents to the street as a singular two storey form and does not immediately read as a townhouse development.

Project Team: Dolce Development P/L (developer), Nixon Tulloch Fortey Architecture P/L (architect) and Dunlore P/L (builder).


BEA 2015 Whitehorse Road ExternalBEA 2015 Whitehorse Road Side

Apartment Project

16-18 Queen Street, Blackburn

This project is situated in an evolving context and has been designed to set a new precedent and innovative response to a changing urban environment. The building mass is articulated on all facades. Carefully composed to present an appropriate scale, the building is set behind landscaping to reinforce the idea of a garden suburb and has a strong consideration for vegetation. The materials selected have been chosen to deliver a building that is elegant and contextual, small areas of alternate materials highlight different functions and increase the building legibility.

Project Team: Rothelowman and Kokoda Property Group.


BEA 2015 Queen Street BlackburnBEA 2015 Queen Street Blackburn External
1 Bruce Street, Box Hill

The sculptural exterior of this development makes a positive contribution to the precinct which is responding to the trend of higher density living in Box Hill. The double height townhouses have direct access from the street and increase the connection between the street and the building. Quality detailing, materials and generous terraces provide an impact at street level, the overall development has a strong presence. The interior spaces are designed with natural light to living areas and where possible take advantage of views across Box Hill Gardens.

Project Team: Hayball (Architect) and VicLand Development.

Photo credit: Hayball.


BEA 2015 Archibald Street ExternalBEA 2015 Archibald Street
2-4 Queen Street, Blackburn

This project responds to the changing nature of the area and establishes an engaging presence in Queen Street. The building is designed to integrate with the surrounding scale and identity with two distinct building forms presenting dual expression on the street. As part of integrating the building into the surrounds the building mass was broken down, setbacks staggered and a refined palette of materials used. An important part of the design objective was to create generous and high quality landscaped areas and areas for outdoor living, including generous terraces and balconies, a roof top garden and a landscaped street frontage.

Project Team: Hayball (Architects), Kokoda Property Group.

Photo credit: Hayball.


BEA 2015 Queen Street ExternalBEA 2015 Queen Street Entrance

Commercial or Retail Project 

Evenglide Roller Doors 95-97 Whitehorse Road, Blackburn

The renovation of this building offers the opportunity to activate the busy intersection with an engaging and dynamic architectural façade which explores the notion of movement around the building. The façade and interior fitout encourage clever design solutions to an existing building and lift the built quality of the surrounding area, improving the pedestrian experience. The awning and signage have been designed as an integrated feature of the building and are thoughtfully designed. The internal and external working spaces provide added amenity for all who visit the building.

Project Team: Zero Nine and Room 11 Architects.


BEA 2015 95 Whitehorse Rd Blackburn 1BEA 2015 95 Whitehorse Rd Blackburn 2
Lily Loves George Café 18 Chapel Street, Blackburn

The scope of this project was a total redesign and refit of the existing café to fulfill creative, practical and environmentally sustainable objectives. The café needed to be a functional and friendly space with an inner city feel in a suburban environment. The small floor space required clever and innovative design solutions to maximise the number of customers. The café addresses the streetscape and busy intersection in a positive manner and engages with street life by means of a ‘coffee window’. Integral to the design are many sustainable design principles and initiatives.

Project Team: collaboration by owners and Complete Carpentry Group. 


BEA 2015 Lily Loves George 1BEA 2015 Lily Loves George 2
Brand Smart 288 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading

The redevelopment of Brand Smart is a significant contribution to the built environment and community of Nunawading. The new entrance engages with and activates Whitehorse Road at street level, providing a vibrant and activated interface. The distinct and dynamic form is readily visible to users of Whitehorse Road, below the soaring roof structure are a suite of market pods which provide a human scale interface with pedestrians. Materials are tactile and richly textured to provide interest and warmth, the landscape integrates smoothly with the existing streetscape.

Project Team: Cox Architecture and George Rydell Constructions.


BEA 2015 Brandsmart 1BEA 2015 Brandsmart 2

Institutional Project

Box Hill Hospital

The redeveloped hospital ensures that residents living in the eastern suburbs will receive state of the art and sustainable healthcare facilities locally and well into the future. The building has been innovatively designed both architecturally and functionally, facilitating best-practice healthcare for patients and staff. Utilizing evidence based design principles, the architects’ intent was to create a non-threatening, healing environment despite the complexity of the project. The building is technologically advance and incorporates environmentally sustainable initiatives along with a series of attractive and engaging outdoor spaces.

Project Team: Silver Thomas Hanley Daryl Jackson Health Architects and Lead Lease Building Contractors.


BEA 2015 Box Hill Hospital 2BEA 2015 Box Hill Hospital 1
Box Hill Institute Integrated Technology Hub

This innovative and unique project is a purpose designed technical skills education facility which has had a positive impact on the surrounding community and has received encouraging feedback from the client and users. The building fosters collaborative teaching and learning in varying environments, the exposure to busy Elgar Road showcases the inner working of the building. The clever and innovative building provides engaging spaces which function as an education tool for the users and a fully exposed ‘advertisement’ for the campus. The confined footprint and functional complexity led to a design solution which came as a series of self-contained curriculum ‘packages’ that could be stacked, deployed and reshuffled much like containers dependent on the timetable.

Project Team: Spowers Architects and Cockram Construction.


BEA 2015 Box Hill TAFE 2BEA 2015 Box Hill TAFE 1
RSPCA 3 Burwood Highway, East Burwood

The RSPCA Animal Care Centre represents an enormous leap forward in built form for animal shelters in Australia. Clever design solutions which focus on animal welfare and public interaction have changed the community view of animal shelters and will allow the organization to achieve its purpose well into the future. The complex design takes into account all aspects of animal care and provides a rich and engaging space for workers and visitors, the building is well supported by an clever and functional series of outdoor spaces. The unique function of the building facilitated some innovative environmentally sustainable initiatives.

Project Team: Bamford Dash Architects and Buxton Construction.


BEA 2015 RSPCA Burwood 1BEA 2015 RSPCA Burwood 2
Mitcham Private Hospital 27 Doncaster East Road, Mitcham

The addition of a twenty one bed Mental Health Unit required a design solution which was sensitive to both the needs of patients and the surrounding residential context. By maintaining a scale that is consistent with the streetscape and the textual materiality, the building avoids an institutional appearance. Patient wellbeing was the primary objective of the design, providing warmth,texture and visual privacy. An innovative construction process involved the buildings being made up of fifteen modules which were constructed offsite, transported and assembled in two days, minimizing disruption to the hospital and surrounding neighbors.

Project Team: Team2Architects P/L and ISIS Group Australia.


Landscape Design Project

Presbyterian Ladies’ College Learning Resource Centre, Burwood

The School’s commitment to the amenity and functionality of its grounds is evident in the extensive and high quality landscape treatment undertaken and its contribution to the wider site context. The landscape is well integrated with the Learning Resource Centre and has established a bold and simple arrangement of hard and soft spaces that are cohesive in their arrangement and offer a quality outdoor learning and recreation environment for students, staff and visitors alike. The contemporary design themes recognize the basic tenants of modernism – bold, elegant and simple. A range of landscape spaces offer opportunities for reflection and retreat, informal group interaction and event gatherings.

Project Team: Tract Consultants.


BEA 2015 PLC Learning Resource Centre 1BEA 2015 PLC Learning Resource Centre 2
Box Hill Hospital Courtyards

The landscape courtyards were an integral part of the overall redevelopment of the Box Hill Hospital and have resulted in a series of landscaped spaces that are well integrated in the fabric of the built form. High quality outdoor spaces and courtyards are provided on most floors and whilst share aesthetic qualities are varied in their function. The aim of the landscape spaces is to provide an environment conducive to healing and wellness. Collectively these bold, elegant and simple arrangements of space weave through the building creating a tapestry of green squares that complement the clean and minimalist architecture.

Project Team: Tract Consultants and Lend Lease.


BEA 2015 Box Hill Hospital Courtyard 1BEA 2015 Box Hill Hospital Courtyard 2
333 Burwood Highway, Burwood

The landscape of the development has carefully considered a site containing significant existing vegetation, varied leisure functions and the built form which results in a visually cohesive, connected and socially functional community. The design allowed for water sensitive urban design elements and the retention of a strong native landscape setting, including trees and pockets of native grassland, making it a good example of urban ecology. From the outset, the project’s design components of architecture, landscape and environmental design create a subtle cultural and ecological narrative for the development.

Project Team: Tract Consultants and Australand Holdings P/L.


BEA 2015 Burwood Hwy 1BEA 2015 Burwood Hwy 2
RSPCA, 3 Burwood Highway, East Burwood

The RSPCA landscaped spaces are engaging spaces which respond to and complement the striking built form. The landscape design solutions were complex with the needs of the animals being a key design requirement. A series of multifunctional and adaptable spaces were delivered that encouraged activity in outdoor spaces and positive interaction between animals and humans. Other landscape elements include sustainability initiatives such as the black water recycling facility and art objects which recognize those who have contributed to the RSPCA.

Project Team: Rush Wright Associates.


BEA 2015 RSPCA Landscape 1BEA 2015 RSPCA Landscape 2