Whitehorse City Council

Australia Day Civic Awards 2019


Citizen of the Year 2019 

Trevor Eddy

Trevor Eddy has made an outstanding contribution to the City of Whitehorse, community groups and many individuals over many years. Some of his many contributions include:

Burke & Beyond Association Inc.
Member of the Burke & Beyond Association Inc. since 2008 and becoming President and Chairman in 2010, and playing a major role in establishing good governance, board structure and strategy.

Clota Neighbourhood House
In early 2013, the Clota Neighbourhood House in Box Hill sought Trevor’s assistance to address some issues impacting on its future.  After reviewing financials, policies and procedures, Trevor decided to become a member. In the ensuing four years, the Neighbourhood House has now returned to profit, a new Manager appointed and all staff provisions have been made. Over the last two years, Trevor maintained a “one man” campaign to seek “impact restitution” from Buxton Construction on the negative impact on the operations of the Neighbourhood House whilst constructing of the Blue Cross facility in Dorking Road, Box Hill.  Trevor was successful in securing a cash and kind settlement from the Company and formed a partnership focused on child-care and in-house program delivery for Blue Cross.

Greenlink Box Hill Inc.
Trevor started as a volunteer in 2012 and took over the role of Treasurer in 2015 and Public Officer for the organisation.

Trevor has subsequently established new Association Rules, Customer Charter and Risk Management Framework for Greenlink. In addition he has developed electronic reporting systems for them and recently completed and won a major and highly complex tender for the supply of up to 8,000 plants to Melbourne Water for regeneration projects for each of the next three years.

Whitehorse Service Clubs
Trevor has also provided fundraising, consultancy and advice support to Vermont Lions club, Box Hill Rotary Club, Nunawading Rotary Club and Mitcham RSL (now closed).

Neighbours, Residents and Friends
Trevor has assisted elderly neighbours and their families to receive correct pension payments and concessions, prepared wills, arranged pre-paid funerals and undertaken various other tasks.

Trevor has also cared for two elderly neighbours for many years.

Volunteer Contributions to Other Communities
Trevor has also been an active member and office holder with the Doncaster Community Gardeners Inc., and recognised for his efforts in the CBA – Not For Profit Treasurer’s Award 2018.

Trevor also provides advice and guidance to the Hands Off Foundation (which supports victims of Sexual Assault).

Young Citizen of the Year 2019

Alexandra Forman

Alexandra was a Year 12 student at Koonung Secondary College in 2018.

Alexandra has been Dux of a range of academic subjects since 2016, is a member of the Monash Scholar Class for high achieving students, fundraises as a member of the Mont Albert and Surrey Hills Rotary Club, and in 2015, received the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award for serving others. 

In 2016, Alexandra received the Australian Defence Force Long Tan Award for strong leadership and teamwork skills.

Alexandra is also a highly proficient musician, able to play saxophone, piano, clarinet and guitar and having won the Koonung Music Program Award for Leadership and Musical Talent.

Community Achievement Awards 2019  

Minna Johnson

Minna Johnson established the Blackburn Calisthenics Club in 1963.

Since that time, Minna Johnson has nurtured the calisthenics careers of more than 2000 young women and has also inspired many to pursue a coaching career in the field of calisthenics.

It is not surprising that the vision and the many years of dedication by Minna Johnson to the sport of Calisthenics has now seen the Blackburn Calisthenics Club classed as an A Championship Reserve Level Club.  In State competitions held in 2018, the Club won 11 out of 18 aggregates and also achieved 4 runners up.

Not only has Minna made an invaluable contribution to the local community, with the establishment of the Calisthenics Club, but has made an even greater contribution to the wider calisthenics community.

Dr Gary Presland

Since joining the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria in 2002, Dr Presland has filled a number of volunteer positions and has been instrumental in raising the profile of the Club and strengthening its long-term financial standing.

Some of Dr Presland’s roles with the Club has included:

  • Editor of the Club’s Journal – The Victorian Naturalist, since July 2002
  • Librarian and Archivist for the Club, since 2011
  • Coordinator of the Club’s Day Group from 2008 to 2015, which provided opportunities for  people unable to attend night meetings to do so, during the day
  • Secretary of the Australian Natural History Medallion from 2010 to 2017, which is a national annual award for outstanding contributions to the study of natural history.

In addition:

  • Dr Presland has also been a member of the Box Hill Historical Society since 1993, having served time as Secretary, Editor of its Newsletter and currently serving as President.
  • In 2008, Dr Presland was appointed as a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria; and
  • Received a Deakin Community Award in 2018.

Brian Ross-Soden

Ross-Soden’s volunteer work within the City of Whitehorse is quite extensive and covers many roles and organisations over many years.

Some of his many contributions include:

  • Has been a Bail Justice since 1990 and is Secretary of the Maroondah Group of Bail Justices
  • Member of the Heatherdale Primary School Council from 1998 to 2003 including as Treasurer for some years
  • Member of the Box Hill High School Council from 1995 to 2002
  • Active member of Neighbourhood Watch from 1990 to 2003, including as Zone Leader for 12 years and Area Manager for 5 years and
  • Member of the Heatherdale Community Action Group since 2003.

Barbara Sommers

Barbara Sommers is a long-time resident of Nunawading.

In 1965 Barbara joined the Nunawading 1 CAE Book Club and today, remains as the only original member and continues as Secretary of the Book Club. 

Barbara joined U3A Nunawading in 2001, following her retirement from teaching and has participated in many classes including Art appreciation, History, Philosophy, Finance, Global Warming and Climate Change.

Barbara has been a member of the former Forest Hill Ladies Probus Club, where she served as President in 2008 and continues as a member of the Vermont South Ladies Probus club

Australia Day Trophy 2019 

Emmaus St Leo’s Old Collegians Football Club

The Emmaus St Leo’s Old Collegians Football Club is a small senior football Club consisting of 130 playing members including an inaugural women’s side.

The Club has been making a positive contribution to the wider Whitehorse community through its various community initiatives. Some of its wonderful initiatives includes:

National Breast Cancer Foundation
The Club holds an annual Ladies Lunch for Mother’s Day (150 guests in 2018), with funds raised being donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Mental Health
In 2018, the Club launched its mental health fund that seeks to support members of the club and wider community with mental health and other medical issues. This support includes but is not limited to paying for medical bills and formal mental health training.

Assistance Programs
The Club assists young students, financially via different initiatives including discount meals, registration fees and gym membership.

Student Partnerships
The club provides opportunities for Deakin University Hospitality and Nutrition students to develop their skills and knowledge through the preparation of weekly meals for members of the Club.

Professional mentoring
The Club has established formal support networks which link current students to past players and their own “True Blues Network”, where members are given access to recruiting agencies for career advice, interview preparation, resume reviews and job opportunities.