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5-Star Health Hygiene Assessment

The PDF icon Health Hygiene Assessment System Guide 2016.PDF (651.23kB) was adopted by Council in February 2005 as the principal method of assessing the hygiene conditions of registered premises under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (formally Health Act 1958) in the municipality. Premises registered under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 includes hairdressers, beauty parlours, tattooists and ear piercing establishments. The system assesses these premises against a range of hygiene and infection control criteria and provides incentives aimed at encouraging proprietors to improve hygiene procedures and work towards best practice. 

The aim of the HHA system is to improve the hygiene standards and infection control processes where there is a risk of blood borne, or other, infections being passed from client to client, client to operator or operator to client. The HHA is based on the Health Guidelines for Personal Care and Body Art Industries published by the Department of Health and Human Services. (Please note that these guidelines are currently under review and will be replaced in due course).

A 4 Star and 5 Star premises need to achieve a total assessment score between 91% and 100%. This demonstrates high level of compliance with hygiene standards and infection control practices in accordance with legislative requirements and industry best practice. In addition a 5 star rating demonstrates best practice through maintaining records and documenting processes. 

PDF icon Health Hygiene Assessment Best Practice Records and Procedures 2016.PDF (1.70MB)

The assessment score is converted to a star rating which relates to the overall performance of the business as shown in the table below: 

Star Rating Percentage Score Grading
5 stars 91-100% Excellent (incorporating best practice)
4 stars 91-100% Excellent   
3 stars 80-90% Satisfactory
2 stars    70-79% Unsatisfactory
1 star 70% and below Unacceptable

Hairdressing, beauty and body art businesses that achieve a 5 star rating are rewarded for their achievement through promotion in Council publications and website, promotional booklet and being eligible to receive the annual Health Premises of the Year award.

The Health Premises of the Year receives a commemorative plaque and a cheque in recognition for achieving excellence.

List of 5 Star Businesses

The grading of a premises is based on an inspection on the date indicated on the Star Rating Certificate. Grading, unless reviewed during the year, lasts for one year. Whitehorse City Council gives no warranty as to the condition of the premises or standard of operation at any time other than the date of inspection. While the program may be useful as a guide members of the public are urged to use their own judgment in making consumer choice.

Whitehorse City Council expressly disclaims all and any liability (including liability in negligence) to any person or body in respect of the consequences of that person’s actions in consequence of reliance upon the City of Whitehorse Health Hygiene Assessment.

pdf icon A Guide to Five Star Hairdressing, Beauty and Body Art Premises 2015.pdf (183.75kB)