Whitehorse City Council

Acacia stricta – Hop Wattle

The hop wattle is a small tree/shrub. The phyllodes (leaf like structure) are 5-15 centimetres long and two centimetres wide with a prominent central vein and a gland near the base. They are olive-green to grey-green in colour. Flower heads are globular, 0.5 centimetres wide, pale yellow to yellow and appear in spring. Two flower heads are carried at the base of each phyllode.

Evergreen/deciduous: evergreen
Maintenance: low
Pest and disease: low
Height: 1 - 5m
Growth rate: medium
Canopy density: medium
Origin: indigenous to City of Whitehorse
Drought tolerances: good
Water-logging tolerances: poor
Wind tolerances: medium
Frost tolerances: medium
Pollution tolerances: medium