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Accommodation For People With a Disability

Access to appropriate accommodation is important for everybody but can sometimes be challenging for people who require modifications and support to live independently , especially with the current shortage of housing across Victoria. 

The Whitehorse Disability Advisory Committee hosted the Whitehorse Accommodation Forum: Options for People with a Disability Forum on the 18 November 2010.  The forum provided information about a range of accommodation options available for people with a disability to consider and explore. 

Guest speakers Anita O’Brien and David Montgomery shared their personal stories about how they developed creative solutions to their housing needs with the resources available to them. 

Speakers from the Department of Human Services, Office of Housing, Common Ground, the Universal Housing Alliance, Housing Choices Australia and Terra Firma also presented information on projects, initiatives and pathways to accommodation. 

In recent times, opportunities for people with a disability have changed dramatically as recognition of their right to quality of life and community participation has grown. 

This shift in thinking also changed the way housing and services have been provided but has not always kept pace with the needs of the people it should support.  

People with a disability are amongst the most vulnerable members of the community so it is important that they are aware of the opportunities available to support them to enjoy a life in their own community. 

Whitehorse City Council has recognised that solutions are needed at a local level and is involved in a number of projects that will help achieve this.  

Council is currently a member of the Eastern Region Affordable Housing Alliance which is working to help councils find solutions to a range of affordable housing issues. Council is also drafting a strategic policy that will identify its role in addressing this issue at a local level.

Please see presentations and for contact details of the presenters below.

pdf icon Department of Human Services Projects Heather Thompson.pdf (1.04MB)
pdf icon Housing Choices Australia– Marg Lee and Dione Stephen.pdf (720.96kB)
pdf icon Mental Health Accommodation Pathways Aaron Jones Terra Firma.pdf (181.85kB)
pdf icon David and Vicki Brown Sharing Personal Journeys.pdf (962.51kB)
pdf icon Disability and Housing DHS Eastern Region Donna Hayes.pdf (180.89kB)


Presenter Organisation Phone Email/Website
Heather Thompson Department of Human Services, Central Office 1300 650 172 francine.mccartin@dhs.vic.gov.au
David Brant Universal Housing Alliance 040 254 383 dbrant@tpg.com.au
Camille Heagney Common Ground – Home Ground Services 9288 9600 www.homeground.org.au
Marg Lee/Dione Stephen Housing Choices Australia 1300 312 447 info@hcau.org.au / www.hcay.org.au
Tammy Cox / Howard Shell Office of Housing EMR Box Hill 9843 6577 / Ringwood 9871 5199 www.dhs.vic.gov.au
Donna Hayes Department of Human Services, Eastern Metropolitan Region Office 9843 6000 (ask for Disability Services) www.dhs.vic.gov.au
Aaron Jones Terra Firma 9890 9248


Inner East Mental Health Service Association

David and Vicki Brown Mansfield Project / Fiji Respite Program 0411 692 449 (David) vickigbrown@hotmail.com