Whitehorse City Council

Acer truncatum x Acer platanoides – Keithsform Norwegian Sunset Maple

Acer truncatumA beautifully foliaged, tough, well-formed tree with a uniform canopy and excellent autumn colour. Glossy, dark green, sharply-lobed leaves, turning to yellow, oranges and reds in autumn.

Can be used as a feature tree in parks and gardens and for street planting. Exhibits very good resistance to heat and generally performs well in tough sites. Adapts to most soils, but prefers those that are slightly acidic.

Evergreen/deciduous: deciduous
Maintenance: medium
Pest and disease: low
Height:  11m x 6m
Growth rate: moderate
Canopy density: high
Origin: hybrid from Asian/Europe
Drought tolerances: good
Water-logging tolerances: good
Wind tolerances: good
Forest tolerances: good
Polution tolerances: low