Whitehorse City Council

Amendment C135

Council has prepared Amendment C135 – Industrial Area Design Policy to the Whitehorse Planning Scheme:

The amendment relates to all new development proposals within industrial precincts.

The amendment proposes to:

  • In sub-Clause 21.07 – 4, Strategies under Clause 21.07 – Economic Development, modify the existing strategies that relate to development within industrial areas to align these strategies more closely with the wording and intent of the draft Industrial Strategy and the policy guidance of the proposed new Clause 22 Policy;
  • In Clause 21.07 – 5, Policy and the Exercise of Discretion, insert reference to the application of the new Clause 22 Policy;
  • In Clause 21.07 – 7 insert the City of WhitehorseIndustrial Strategy 2011 as a reference document;
  • Introduce into Clause 22 a new policy, Industrial Areas Design Guidelines, incorporating the existing Clause 22 policy 22.09 - Rooks Road Industrial Area;
  • Remove Clause 22.10 – King and Ceylon Street Industrial Area which is proposed to be replaced by the new Clause 22 Industrial Areas Design Guidelines Policy; and
  • Renumber all Clause 22 Policies and references to these policies accordingly.

Amendment C135 was approved and gazetted on 13 December 2012. You may inspect the approved amendment documentation at the Department of Planning and Community Development’s website www.dpcd.vic.gov.au/planning

To view the Whitehorse Industrial Strategy, click on the link below:

pdf icon  Amendment C135 Industrial Strategy (Draft) (23.44MB)

Please phone the Strategic Planning Unit on 9262 6303 or email planning.enquiry@whitehorse.vic.gov.au