Whitehorse City Council

Amendment C142

Supporting Retail Centres in the City of Whitehorse

Council has prepared and exhibited Amendment C142 to the Whitehorse Planning Scheme.

The amendment applies to all land within the municipality, and more specifically to all retail based activity centres.

The amendment makes alterations to the wording of the following existing clauses of the Whitehorse Planning Scheme:

  • Clause 21.07 – Economic Development
  • Clause 22.06 – Activity Centres
  • Clause 22.07 – Box Hill Central Activities Area

The alterations implement the recommendations of the City of Whitehorse Retail Strategy Review dated October 2010 and adopted by Council in November 2010.

The changes include a new objective relating to activity centre development, the new requirement to prepare a Retail Sustainability Assessment for major expansions of retail space in Major and Neighbourhood Activity Centres and referencing the City of Whitehorse Retail Strategy Review, October 2010, within the Whitehorse Planning Scheme.

This amendment was approved by the Minister and gazetted on 21 February 2013. You may inspect the approved amendment documentation at the Department of Planning and Community Development’s website www.dpcd.vic.gov.au/planning

For any further enquiries please contact the Strategic Planning Unit on 9262 6303 or email customer.service@whitehorse.vic.gov.au

pdf icon  Expert Witness Report Amendment C142 Panel Hearing – MacroPlan (562.11kB)
pdf icon  Expert Witness Report Amendment C142 Panel Hearing – Urbis (7.95MB)
pdf icon  Amendment C142 Panel Report (501.77kB)