Whitehorse City Council

Amendment C143

In July 2010 Whitehorse City Council adopted the MegaMile (west) and Blackburn Activity Centres Urban Design Framework. The urban design framework was finalised after review of community feedback received during the display of the draft framework in May/June 2010. You can view the Urban Design Framework here: pdf icon  Adopted Urban Design Framework (3.58MB)

For the purposes of strategic planning, the MegaMile has been split into east and west. MegaMile (West) and Blackburn form the study area of this Urban Design Framework. Strategic work for MegaMile (East) has been undertaken and adopted by Council via the Nunawading/Mitcham Structure Plan.

The MegaMile (west) and Blackburn Activity Centres Urban Design Framework is a tool to be used by Council to guide the future growth of the study area for the next 15 years in a sustainable manner that reflects the community’s needs, values and aspirations.

To formally incorporate the recommendations of the MegaMile (west) and Blackburn Activity Centres Urban Design Framework into planning policy, Whitehorse City Council prepared Amendment C143 to the Whitehorse Planning Scheme.

Amendment C143 was on public exhibition from Thursday 19 April 2012 to Tuesday 22 May 2012. Council considered all submissions about the amendment at its meeting on 17 September 2012 and resolved the following: 

That Council:

a) Being the Planning Authority, having considered the submissions in relation to Amendment C143 to the Whitehorse Planning Scheme, request the Minister for Planning to appoint an Independent Panel to consider the amendment and all submissions in accordance with Sections 22, 23 and 153 of the Planning and Environment Act. 

b) Advise all submitters of the request for an independent panel.  

The minutes of this meeting, including the report on this amendment, are available for perusal at the Council Offices or by viewing Council Meeting Minutes 17 September 2012.pdf (plus Attachment 3). The minutes of Council’s meeting on 26 July 2010 adopting the Urban Design Framework are available by viewing by clicking on the followinng links: Council Meeting Minutes of 26 July 2010and link to Attachment 1A.

An independent panel was appointed by the Minister for Planning and a panel hearing was held on 26, 27 and 28 November 2012 at the Whitehorse Civic Centre, Nunawading.

Planning Panels Victoria submitted their recommendations to Council and this report can be viewed by clicking on the following link: pdf icon  Amendment C143 Panel Report.pdf (1.87MB)

The expert witness reports submitted to the panel: 

pdf icon  Amendment C143 Expert Witness Report Mike Scott for Whitehorse City Council.pdf (212.82kB)
pdf icon  Amendment C143 Expert Witness Report Mike Scott for Whitehorse City Council Appendices A and B.pdf (21.13MB)
pdf icon  Amendment C143 Expert Witness Report Mike Scott for Whitehorse City Council Appendices C and D.pdf (13.25MB)
pdf icon  Amendment C143 Expert Evidence Report Mark Sheppard for Samuel Property 55-65 Railway Road Blackburn.pdf (1.22MB)
pdf icon  Amendment C143 Expert Evidence Report Tim Biles for Dolce Development 243-253 Whitehorse Road and 59 Goodwin Street.pdf (5.45MB)

Council considered a report on the Panel Report on the Amendment at its meeting on 18 February 2013 and adopted the amendment as recommended in the Council agenda. A copy of the report and attachments can found here:

pdf icon  Council Meeting Minutes 18 February 2013.pdf (1.05MB)
pdf icon  Attachment 5 Consideration of Panel Report for Amendment C143 18 February 2013.pdf (24.91MB)

Following adoption by Council, the amendment was referred to the Minister for Planning for approval. The Minister for Planning approved Amendment C143 as adopted by Council on 8 May 2013 and the amendment came into operation on 16 May 2013, being the date the Notice of Approval was published in the Government Gazette. 

A copy of the amendment can be inspected, free of charge, at the Department of Planning and Community Development website at www.dpcd.vic.gov.au/planning/publicinspection and free of charge, during office hours, at the offices of the Whitehorse City Council, 379–397 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading.

If you have any questions about the amendment please contact Andrea Skraba on 9262 7586.

Any personal information you may include in any submission to Council on the Amendment is collected for planning purposes in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987. The public may view the submissions whilst the Amendment is being considered. In accordance with the “Improving Access to Planning Documents” Practice Note dated December 1999, a copy of your submission may be made available upon request. If you fail to provide this information your comments may not be considered. You may access this information by contacting Council on 9262 6303.