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Amendment C158 Parking Overlay for Box Hill Activity Centre

Amendment C158 implements key recommendations of the Box Hill Central Activities Area Car Parking Strategy 2014, which was adopted by Council on 23 June 2014. The Minister for Planning has now approved Amendment C158 and it came into effect on 3 December 2015.

The amendment introduced Clause 45.09 Parking Overlay into the Whitehorse Planning Scheme, applied Schedule 1 to the Parking Overlay to the Box Hill Activity Centre, and made consequential changes to Clause 21.08 Infrastructure, Clause 22.07 Box Hill Central Activities Area and Clause 61.03 to implement the car parking rates and sustainable transport directions from the Box Hill Central Activities Area Car Parking Strategy 2014.

The schedule introduced parking objectives and set out particular car parking provision rates for new office and residential uses within the Box Hill Activity Centre. The amendment is an integral part of the overall parking strategy for the centre, which includes a suite of measures to encourage sustainable transport use and manage parking demand in Box Hill into the future.

The amendment affects land within the Box Hill Activity Centre identified in blue on the map below. The amendment area is approximately bound by Severn Street to the north, Watts Street and William Street to the east, Albion Street and Carrington Road to the south, and Elgar Road to the west.

The car parking rates for new development in the Box Hill Metropolitan Activity Centre are below. It is noted that should developers wish to provide more parking than the proposed rates, they may do so, and that Council retains the right to reduce or waiver residential parking requirements at its discretion.

Previous rates New rates
Office 3.5 spaces for 100sqm net floor area 2 spaces per 100sqm net floor area
Other commercial Column A of Table 1 to Clase 52.06-5 (where specified) Column B of Table 1 to Clause 52.06-5 (where specified)
One bedroom dwelling 1 space per dwelling 0.5 spaces per dwelling
Two bedroom dwelling 1 space per dwelling 0.75 spaces per dwelling
Three bedroom dwelling 2 spaces per dwelling 1 space for each 3 or more bedroom dwelling
Residential visitor 0.2 spaces per dwelling 0.2 spaces per dwelling for the first five dwellings, plus 0.1 spaces per dwelling for any subsequent dwellings

The amendment was exhibited between 2 October and 3 November 2014. Exhibition included letters to owners and occupiers of affected properties as well as those within the surrounding study area, totalling approximately 7500 letters. Notice was also provided to prescribed Ministers and authorities, in the Whitehorse Leader and Government Gazette. 

Council received twenty four (24) submissions and considered these at its meeting of 27 January 2015. As Council could not resolve the issues raised in the submissions, Council referred the amendment and all submissions received to an independent Panel for its consideration.  

The panel held a Directions Hearing on 2 March 2015. As there were no requests to be heard by the panel, no further hearings were held and the panel instead prepared its report based on written submissions and the Council’s written response to issues identified by the panel. The report of the panel can be downloaded below.

Amendment Documents

pdf icon  Amendment C158 Panel Report (599.74kB)
pdf icon  Box Hill Car Parking Strategy as adopted by Council 23 June 2014.pdf (6.78MB)
pdf icon  Amendment C158 001poMaps01_02 Exhibition.pdf (350.56kB)
pdf icon  Amendment C158 21_mss08_whse Approval.pdf (33.11kB)
pdf icon  Amendment C158 22_lpp07_whse Approval.pdf (1.74MB)
pdf icon  Amendment C158 45_09 Approval.pdf (26.39kB)
pdf icon  Amendment C158 45_09s01_whse Approval.pdf (40.74kB)
pdf icon  Amendment C158 61_03s_whse Approval.pdf (20.91kB)
pdf icon  Amendment C158 Explanatory Report Approval.pdf (178.41kB)
pdf icon  Amendment C158 Instruction Sheet Approval.pdf (9.56kB)

Should you have any queries, please contact Andrea Skraba, Senior Strategic Planner, on 9262 7586. 

Privacy Statement

Any personal information you may include in any submission to Council on the Amendment is collected for planning purposes in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987. The public may view the submissions whilst the Amendment is being considered. In accordance with the “Improving Access to Planning Documents” Practice Note dated December 1999, a copy of your submission may be made available upon request. If you fail to provide this information your comments may not be considered. You may access this information by contacting Council on 9262 6303