Whitehorse City Council

Amendment C169

Introduction of a new permanent heritage overlay

Whitehorse City Council prepared Amendment C169 to the Whitehorse Planning Scheme.

The amendment proposed to apply a permanent heritage overlay to the telecommunications relay station comprising a telecommunications tower and ancillary building at 730 Canterbury Road Surrey Hills (corner Harding Street) and make consequential changes to the Local Planning Policy Framework. The place has been investigated as part of Council’s ongoing commitment to heritage and found to have important heritage significance.

The amendment was exhibited between 29 January and 27 February 2015. At its meeting of 18 May 2015 Council resolved to abandon the amendment, as per the officer’s recommendation.

If you have any questions about the amendment, please phone the Strategic Planning Unit on 9262 6558.

Amendment C169 exhibition material can be viewed below:

pdf icon  Amendment C169 001hoMap01 Exhibition Final.pdf (60.33kB)
pdf icon  Amendment C169 22_01_whse Exhibition Final.pdf (196.64kB)
pdf icon  Amendment C169 43_01s_whse Exhibition Final.pdf (566.15kB)
pdf icon  Amendment C169 Explanatory Report Exhibition Final V2.pdf (236.03kB)
pdf icon  Amendment C169 Gazette NoticeExhibition FinalV3.pdf (159.17kB)
pdf icon  Amendment C169 Instruction Sheet Exhibition Final V2.pdf (83.04kB) 
pdf icon  Amendment C169 Citation 730 Canterbury Road Surrey Hills Draft 20 May 2014 (717.96kB)