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Domestic Animal Management Plan

Consulting the Community - Domestic Animal Management Plan

Domestic Animal Management Plan 
Victorian Councils are required by legislation to prepare and implement a Domestic Animal Management Plan (DAMP) every four years. Whitehorse City Council supports this strategic approach and is commencing work on the 2017-2021 Plan.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey and provided feedback and ideas on the very topic of Domestic Animal Management, in particular on cats and dogs.

The Domestic Animal Management Plan for 2017-2021 will provide the framework for animal management services for the next four years and will consider matters such as:

  • How important pets are to people who live in Whitehorse
  • Concerns you may have about animal related matters
  • Ideas and resources to assist residents to manage and care for their pets
  • Dogs in parks and reserves
  • Suggestions that ensure animals and people live together harmoniously
  • How well information provided by council about pets and animal management addresses your needs
  • Opportunities for partnerships to promote positive pet and people relationships

For further details on our current plan, visit the Domestic Animal Management Plan 2013-2017 page.

If you require further information please contact Danielle Pepyat, Compliance Department on 03 9262 6333 or email: Danielle.Pepyat@whitehorse.vic.gov.au.