Whitehorse City Council


Pets are an important part of our community bringing joy and companionship to many people. Council promotes responsible pet ownership through a series of programs that are in place for the benefit of the entire community. 

Animal Registrations
Dogs and cats must be microchipped and registered with Council by three months of age. Registrations are renewable every year on 10 April.

Barking Dogs
How to resolve barking dog issues.

Caring For Your Cat
Information about confining cats at night.

Choosing a Pet
Information about choosing a dog/puppy

Dangerous, Menacing or Restricted Dogs
Information about dangerous, menacing or restricted dogs.

Dog Droppings
Cleaning up after your dog.

Dog Off-lead Areas
Areas in Whitehorse where you can exercise your dog off lead.

Dogs & Fireworks
Keeping your dog calm during events such as fireworks or thunderstorms.

Domestic Animal Management Plan
Strategic framework that aims to assist in educating our community on responsible pet ownership issues and raises the importance of effective domestic animal management.

Elm Leaf Beetle
Protecting elm trees against elm leaf beetles.

Keeping Additional Pets
Pet owners wanting to keep more animals need to apply for a Multiple Animals Permit.

Lost Dogs & Cats
What to do if you've lost or found a dog or cat.

Pets & Heat Stress
Keeping your pet cool in hot weather.

Information about living with possums.

Restricted Areas for Dogs
Dogs are prohibited from entering a number of environmentally-significant wetlands in the municipality.

Swooping Birds
Protecting yourself against swooping birds.

Cruelty to Animals

Cruelty includes everything from teasing to physical abuse of an animal. Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986, people found guilty of engaging in an act of cruelty towards an animal can face heavy fines or imprisonment.

If you see a person you believe is being cruel to an animal, please phone the RSPCA on 9224 2222.