Whitehorse City Council

Audio Archive 2017

Ordinary Council Meeting
11 December 2017

Special Committee Meeting
4 December 2017

Ordinary Council Meeting
20 November 2017

Special Committee Meeting
13 November 2017

Special Council Election of Mayor
30 October 2017


Council Meeting
16 October 2017

Special Committe Meeting
9 October 2017


Ordinary Council Meeting
18 September 2017

Special Committee of Council Meeting
11 September 2017


Councillors and members of the public please note that in order to provide greater access to Council debate and decision making and encouraging openness and transparency:

  • Formal Public Committee and Council meetings are audio recorded and the recordings (except for Confidential meetings) are uploaded and available on Council’s website.
  • Opinions expressed or statements made by individual persons during a meeting are not the opinions or statements of Whitehorse City Council and therefore Council accepts no liability.