Whitehorse City Council

Available Support

Depending on what is important to you and what is available, you may need services that we can provide and connections to other services and groups. We prioritise services to those most in need with our available resources.

Sometimes our support will only need to be for a short while until you get back on your feet. Sometimes our support will be ongoing.  It can change over time as your circumstances or needs change.

Depending on your needs, Home Support can support you with: 

  • Around the house: Working with you to keep your house clean and safe and helping you with basic maintenance tasks inside and out
  • Eating well: Helping you to eat well by assisting you with shopping, working beside you to prepare meals, or providing subsidised meals at our centres or delivered to your home
  • Out and about: Connecting you with an interest group or social opportunities, helping you get to places you want to go and do tasks you want in the community
  • Self care: Working with you to manage personal tasks such as having a shower and getting dressed
  • Break for carers: Supporting a person who needs care through home or community based activities, enabling their carer to have a break
  • Housing: Council manages some independent living units and supported accommodation 
  • Home Care Packages: A package of supports and services coordinated to meet your needs and preferences. 

What are the costs?

The cost to you is dependent on your circumstances. You will not be denied a service based on your capacity to pay the fees.

For more information, visit the Contact Us page.

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