Whitehorse City Council

Budget Survey 2019

Each year, Council prepares and adopts an annual budget in accordance with the Local Government Act 1989. The Budget is guided by the priorities outlined in key strategic documents including the Council Vision 2013-2023, the current four year Council Plan 2017-2021, and other major plans and strategies. It also takes into account community feedback received through various consultations undertaken by Council.

In accordance with Section 129 of the Local Government Act 1989, Council advertises the availability of the proposed Budget for a 28 day period and members of the public have the right to make a submission on any aspect of the Budget for consideration.

Council wants to hear what you want to know about the budget and how you’d like to be consulted in the future.

Until 1 March anyone who lives, works and plays in the City of Whitehorse can respond to the short survey to ensure we are keeping you informed and in the ways which suit you. To inform our future budget process please visit Your Say Whitehorse to complete the survey.