Whitehorse City Council

Building in Whitehorse Understanding Obligations and Promoting Access

The introduction of the Disability Access to Premises – Building Standards (2010) and subsequent changes to the Building Codes of Australia and Australian Standards has seen significant change in the legislative requirements for access to new and upgraded buildings across Australia.   

Promoting access to buildings, facilities and services ensures that all residents can move throughout the community and undertake the range activities associated with life. Great access increases the opportunities for people with a disability, people with limited mobility, parents with prams, shoppers with trolleys or heavy packages to access buildings and the goods and services provided in the community.  

For builders and developers this requires a commitment to ensuring what is built meets all legislative and regulatory requirements and you have considered who might be using the building or property into the future.  

The pdf icon Building in Whitehorse Understanding Obligations and Promoting Access (2.09MB) publication will ensure that residents, businesses, contractors and developers have an overview of the legislative requirements with regard to:

  • Council’s role  – planning and building
  • Understanding legislation
    o   Disability Discrimination Act 1992
    o   Disability Access to Premises – Building Standards 2010
    o   Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006
    o   Building Codes of Australia
    o   Australian Liveable Housing Design Guidelines; and
  • Maintaining access and protecting Council property and amenity.