Whitehorse City Council

Building Unit

Council's Building Unit can assist you with:

  • Building permit applications and advice
  • Swimming pool and spa safety barrier advice and inspections
  • Building regulatory advice during the design stage of a project
  • Consultation service
  • Essential services - maintenance of fire safety equipment, advice and audits
  • Advice and approval of residential siting in respect of single dwelling developments
  • Copies of house plans
  • Building permit history for properties
  • Land information details
  • Final inspection certificates and occupancy permits
  • Insurance requirements and obligations for the owner/builder
  • Information on the provision and location of smoke alarms
  • Comment on energy efficient design and construction
  • Advice on water-tanks
  • Advice on siting of residential buildings

For more information, phone 9262 6333 and ask to speak to Council's Building Unit.