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Effective 2 June 2018 the Building Regulations 2018 replace the Building Regulations 2006 and the Building Interim Regulations 2017. The Regulations will affect all registered building practitioners, the various sectors within the industry in which they work and the members of the community who intend to undertake building work or have dealings in the carrying out of building work.

The Regulations are designed to reflect the changing nature of the industry, technology, equipment and methodology to deliver a better, more effective and efficient building industry that benefits both practitioners and consumers.

For further information in relation to the Building Regulations 2018 please visit the Victoria Building Authority website.  
For updated forms please go to our Building Forms page



Council’s Building Unit is responsible for the assessment and determination of building applications and conducting building inspections. The unit is also responsible for a range of other duties including educating residents on building-related matters and implementing pool safety and smoke detector policies.

Building Permits Register
View current building permits register.

Building Inspections
As part of the permit process, new homes need to be inspected by a building surveyor.

Building Unit
Council's Building Unit assists the community with building permit applications and advice.

Building Disputes  
There is a new process for resolving disputes between a builder and home owner/s. Please refer to the Building Disputes page.

Bushfire Prone Areas
The Minister for Planning designates Bushfire Prone Areas across the State of Victoria, which are reviewed and updated by the Minister from time to time.

Enforcement of the Regulations
Building notices and orders, appeals.html and prosecution information.

Fence Requirements
Requirements for front fences and fences between properties.

Occupancy Permits
Upon final inspection, building surveyors issue either an occupancy permit or a certificate of final inspection.

Permits & Processes
How to apply for a building permit.

Pool & Spa Safety Barriers
Swimming pool and spa owners are required by law to meet government standards and regulations in regards to safety.

Safety Around the Home
Information about smoke alarms and protecting your home against termites.

Shared Accommodation Housing
Owners of shared accommodation housing must comply with laws that aim to protect public health and safety.

Click on the following link for all building-related forms.