Whitehorse City Council

Burning Off

To help promote a cleaner environment in our municipality, residents are reminded that the lighting of fires in the open or incinerators is controlled by the Community Local Law 2014 which states the following:

  • A person must not without a permit light or allow to be lit or remain alight a fire;
    (a) In the open; or
    (b) In an incinerator

The above does not apply to any fire that:

  • Is lit by a member of the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade or other authorized authority in the course of their duties; or
  • Is lit for the purpose of cooking food for human consumption;
  • Is lit an a free-standing fire place that has been purchased for the sole purpose of outdoor heating which does not create excessive smoke and/or smell.

If you would like to report someone for burning off, please contact Council's Community Laws Department on 9262 6333.