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Burwood Heights Activity Centre Structure Plan

The Victorian Government declared the Burwood Heights area a Major Activity Centre. This is because of its significance in terms of the range of existing uses, access to public transport and the potential for significant development. For more information on the government's Melbourne 2030 Strategy, you can go the link at the bottom of this page.

In August 2006, Council adopted the Burwood Heights Structure Plan, completing a major milestone for the Activity Centre. The Structure Plan was finalised after review of community feedback on the Draft Plan in February 2006.

The Structure Plan integrates and provides guidance for the future development of key sites in the area, such as the 20.5 hectare old brickworks site on Middleborough Road and the RSPCA's site at the corner of Middleborough Road and Burwood Highway, and the Burwood Heights Shopping Centre. The Victorian Government contributed funding to the structure plan.

pdf icon Burwood Heights Activity Centre Structure Plan A.pdf (4.11MB)
pdf icon Burwood Heights Activity Centre Structure Plan B.pdf (1.76MB)
pdf icon Brickworks Sites Framework Plan and Building Height Plan.pdf (702.88kB)
pdf icon Burwood Square Development Plan Vol 1 Cover And Introduction.pdf (1.83MB)
pdf icon Burwood Square Development Plan Vol 1 Chapter 4.pdf (1.91MB)

Burwood Square Development Plan For Former Brickworks Site  

In February 2006, the Minister for Planning rezoned the former brickworks site in Middleborough Road, East Burwood, to a Priority Development Zone to recognise the site’s significance in the metropolitan area and introduced two interim planning policies – one for the wider Burwood Heights Activity Centre and another specifically for the former brickworks site.

The zone and policies are based on the broader Structure Plan and a conceptual 'Framework Plan' completed for the former brickworks in July 2005.

The Priority Development Zone allows for a mix of residential, commercial, retail, office, entertainment and leisure uses.

Burwood Square Development Plan
A Development Plan is required under the Priority Development Zone and is an important stage in planning of this key site within the Burwood Heights Major Activity Centre.

The Burwood Square Development Plan was placed on display for community comment in October/November 2007 and was approved by Council at its meeting on 18 February 2008, subject to a range of conditions. The plan will guide assessment of furtue planning permit applications for the site.

Development is planned in four stages. Key elements of the plan include:

  • A mix of uses within three activity precincts across the site
  • A new boulevard through the site (Main Street) to link Middleborough Road and Burwood Highway, and lined with uses such as shops, cafes and restaurants
  • A new park with a lake in the northern residential precinct
  • An urban plaza as a central focus and as a vibrant meeting and activity space
  • High quality buildings fronting Middleborough Road and in a campus-style setting along Burwood Highway
  • Upgrade of surrounding intersections to manage traffic and new traffic signals at Middleborough Road / Main Street for the new link road
  • Higher density housing with scope for a range of housing types
  • A transition of building height towards the edges of the site
  • A walking and cycling network
  • Scope for public transport improvements
  • Use of ecologically sustainable development principles
  • Urban design guidelines for future buildings

The plan incorporates a range of facilities for the community including restaurants, specialty shops, entertainment / cinemas, gymnasium and ten-pin bowling in a new, state-of-the-art centre with a 'lifestyle/leisure-based' focus.

Council's approval of the development plan was subject to a range of conditions including:   

  • Adequate residential development in each stage
  • An integrated mix of uses including residential, retail, office and leisure
  • A commitment to ecologically sustainable development in the building design
  • Meeting urban design guidelines
  • Ensuring the development was easily accessible for pedestrians

Next steps are for the developers to apply for planning permits and the development plan will be used to assess those applications.

For more information, phone the Development, Strategy and Business Services Department on 9262 6303.

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