Whitehorse City Council

Burwood Village Neighbourhood Activity Centre

Council has adopted the Burwood Village Neighbourhood Activity Centre Framework Plan: pdf icon Burwood Village Neighbourhood Activity Centre Framework Plan (9.33MB)

The development of the Framework Plan involved extensive consultation with the community, key agencies and a Working Group, which mainly comprised members of the community.

The final stage of community consultation on the Draft Framework Plan took place during February/ March 2008 and 35 written submissions were received.

Some of the issues raised during the consultation stage are already addressed in the Framework Plan, are outside the scope of the framework plan or relate to later stages of detailed planning and implementation of specific projects, including potential planning permit applications and planning scheme amendments.

A number of changes were made to the Draft Framework Plan in light of the feedback such as: 

  • In Area 2 and Area 3 second floors are to be set back an extra 1 metre from adjoining residential boundaries. This provides a total 4 metre setback from residential boundaries for a second floor level in comparison to 1 metre setback under current policies
  • Inclusion of a Transport and Traffic Issues Analysis section
  • Inclusion of a new set of transport strategies
  • Requirement for new development applications to provide an Integrated Transport Plan that rigorously assesses parking needs, vehicle movements, traffic management, public transport, walking and cycling

Amendment C103 to the Whitehorse Planning Scheme was approved on 21 December 2009. The amendment introduced the Burwood Village Neighbourhood Activity Centre Framework Plan, Looking Towards the Future, May 2008 as a reference document into the Whitehorse Planning Scheme.