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CALD Waste & Recycling Education Support Program

Whitehorse City Council is committed to supporting culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities with their waste and recycling. The CALD Waste and Recycling Education Support Program aims to reach diverse communities within Whitehorse through offering a selection of waste-themed resources, incursions and excursions to English language schools and other CALD community groups.

The program includes:

> Train-the-trainer session
> Recycling Tours
> Quarterly eNewsletter
> Education Resources

Train-the-trainer session

A Waste Education Officer will visit your school to deliver a 30-45 minute waste and recycling themed session to student leaders or staff.  The session covers:

  • What happens to our waste and recycling after the kerbside
  • The what and why of accepted items in the recycling bin
  • Helpful tips on engaging others with the recycle right message
  • There is the expectation that knowledge gained from session and tours will then be passed on to other students, staff and parents. This can be achieved through a variety of measures, including:
    • Newsletter article on learnings from the session
    • Self-delivered follow-up sessions to other students
    • Holding a recycling stall at events.

To assist you in spreading the word, Council has a selection of resources available.


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Recycling Tours

Council is excited to offer free tours of the VISY Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) – where our recyclables are taken after the kerbside to be sorted. Participants learn the hows and whys of recycling, through an engaging virtual tour followed by an opportunity to observe the sorting machinery in action. The tour duration is two hours.

Please note: There is a limited number of free tours available each year and priority will be given to schools, organisations or community groups showing initiative in sharing learning from the experience. Each group is responsible for their own transport to the facility, located in Bellfield.

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Quarterly eNewsletter

Sign up [link to registration page] for our quarterly newsletter to remain up to date on the latest CALD waste education news and hear about any resources and opportunities available to you. The newsletter is also an opportunity to share experiences amongst educators – so please keep us up to date with your progress and success stories!

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Education Resources

Get It Right On Bin Night ESL waste education materials

Recycling themed English education power points, lesson plans and assessment material developed by Sustainability Victoria, in partnership with the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group, 30 metropolitan councils and the Australian Packaging Covenant as part of the Get It Right On Bin Night Campaign. 


Cert I

Cert II

Cert III


Think Before You Throw recycling education materials

Bin stickers, magnets and boxes developed by Whitehorse City Council as part of their 2014/15 CALD Waste Education Project.

Bin sticker



Poster artwork (10 translations)

Other recommended resources:


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For more information, register online, phone Council's Waste Education Officer Helen Kerley on 9262 6157 or email helen.kerley@whitehorse.vic.gov.au

The support program was developed as part of Whitehorse and Maroondah Council's collaborative CALD Waste Education Project, funded by the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group.