Whitehorse City Council

Candidate Application Guide

Thank you for your interest in working with Whitehorse City Council. The following information has been provided to assist you with your application.  

Selection for employment with Council is based on the principles of merit and equal opportunity. The aim is to select the person whose skills, knowledge, experience and personal qualities experience best match the requirements of the position.  

Your Application

Your application should be clear and concise and relate directly to the position you are applying for.  

A position description and physical and functional requirements checklist will be available for each advertised position. You should read these carefully in order to fully understand the duties and responsibilities of the role, the skills and experience required to perform the role and the physical nature of the role and the environment in which it is performed.  

The position description will detail the key selection criteria that must be addressed in your application. Your application should include: 

  • A short covering letter detailing your reason/s for applying for the position
  • A current resume that summarises your employment history, education and training
  • A statement against each of the key selection criteria demonstrating how you meet each criteria (where required). 

Your application must be received by Council by 5pm on the advertised closing date. 

If you are required to provide a statement addressing the key selection criteria, please provide examples that demonstrate how you meet the criteria. It is not enough to simply state that you meet the criteria.  


Your application will be considered and assessed against the position’s key selection criteria. You may not be shortlisted for interview if your application: 

  • Does not satisfy the key selection criteria
  • Does not demonstrate that you have the required experience and/or qualifications
  • Demonstrates that you are not eligible for employment based on your residency status
  • Provides false or misleading information.

Council receives a large number of applications and sometimes a number of candidates appear to meet the selection criteria. In this situation Council need to assess who ‘best’ meets the selection criteria and therefore there may be times where candidates do meet the selection criteria but are not invited for an interview.

The Interview

If you are selected for an interview Council will provide you with adequate notice and advise you if the interview will involve any other selection methods, for example, a work test or presentation. 

Interview questions will be designed to draw out examples of your previous experience, skills and knowledge and to enable you to demonstrate your personality, attitude and motivations.  

Here are some tips in preparing for your interview: 

  • Research – find out more about the position and Council to assist you in relating your experiences to the position you are applying for. Information may be obtained from our website or by speaking to the contact person for the position.
  • Prepare – start thinking about examples from your experiences that relate to the position as you understand it from the position description. 
  • Remember values, behaviours and attitude is just as important as qualifications and experience.
  • Be ready to talk about why you are interested in the position and what attracted you to apply.
  • If you have any questions you would like to ask, jot these down to ensure you don’t forget them.
  • Be positive – unless asked, try to avoid negative comments about your experiences.
  • Relax – it’s okay to be nervous. 

Pre-employment Assessments

Some candidates will be required to undergo pre-employment screening assessments where these are essential to satisfy the requirements of the position, such as a Criminal History Check or Physical and Functional Assessment. The position description will detail these requirements and candidates will be advised of how they will take place during the interview process.  

Reference Checks

If you are a preferred candidate you will need to provide the details of at least two current referees that can talk to us about your capacity to perform the position. Ideally, these will be people who have supervised you, but can also include colleagues, peers or clients if relevant. Make sure you have advised your referees that Council may be calling and brief them on the position – this will assist them in providing the most relevant feedback.  

Council may ask for further referee details if they have been unable to ascertain sufficient information from those you have provided.  

Recruitment Outcome

If you have been unsuccessful in obtaining the position, Council will provide feedback as to why and may offer any tips or suggestions for future interviews if this is relevant.   

If you have been successful Council will make you an offer of employment and on your verbal acceptance will send you a letter of appointment and an Employee Kit containing all the information and paperwork required to get you started.  

We look forward to receiving your application. Best of luck throughout the recruitment process.