Whitehorse City Council

Children, Families & Youth

ChildrenAndFamilyMotherToddlerCouncil provides a range of child, family and youth services including maternal and child health; immunisation clinics; childcare, family day care and kindergarten services; and program and support services for young people. 

Whitehorse Early Learning Service, children with additional needs, family day care, kindergartens.

Family Crisis Support & Counselling
List of counselling support services.

Council provides free vaccinations for infants, toddlers, preschool children, school aged children and adults against infectious diseases.

Maternal & Child Health Services
Council's maternal and child health service to parents and carers that offers support, advice and guidance on the health and development of their children.

Parent Information Forums
Information forums aimed at parents young children through to teenagers.

Youth Services  
Youth Connexions and other services and programs available to young people in Whitehorse.

Council's strategies for children and young people can be downloaded here:  

Search Council's online community directory for listings of pre-schools, toy libraries, family support groups and youth services in Whitehorse.