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Box Hill North Kumon Education Centre

Providing Tutoring services to preschool, primary and secondary school students in English and Maths

Ionic Coaching Service

Tutoring of Students in Years 9-12 in Maths & English in small Groups by experienced teachers. Conducted by volunteer members of Masonic Lodges that meet in the Eastern Suburbs and partly funded by them. A non-profit Community Service operating since 1950. Brochures available on request.

Lynn's Learning Blackburn

Maths and English Tuition

Lynn's Learning Blackburn South

Maths and English Tuition

Maths Mastery Education

Maths Mastery Education is a Small Group and Private Teaching Service in the city of Whitehorse. We welcome all students and families who value high-quality teaching and understand the importance of mastering maths concepts for a successful life and career in the 21st century. Frustrated at seeing countless students underachieve in Victorian schools, Jahan Kay decided to take his 10 years of expertise and create a teaching method that Guarantees success. Maths Mastery Method is a student-centred teaching method that is based on most advanced research and practice around the world. Maths Mastery Method: - Is a Research-Driven Method - Consists of Ongoing Assessment and Reporting - Is Focused on Deep Understanding - Is Designed for Long-Term Retention - Is Made of Relevant and Engaging Lessons - Teaches Creative Problem Solving - Is Taught by Highly-Trained Professionals We run Saturday Maths Help Classes for students Years 6-10. Parents are welcome to inquire about the Maths Mastery Method. We are currently offering a free Diagnostic Assessment and Reporting session to families in the city of Whitehorse. Please contact us to book your free session.