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94.1FM – 3WBC

94.1 FM 3WBC is a community-based radio station serving Melbourne's eastern suburbs, broadcasting a mix of music, news, information, entertainment, ethnic and sports programs (including live coverage of the Box Hill Hawks matches in the VFL), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Mayor of Whitehorse is a regular guest on Peter Cassidy’s Monday Morning Program, from 7am, discussing issues and events affecting residents and businesses in the City. 94.1 Welcomes: Members and Supporters: who can support the running of the station by participating in the Management Committee and Working Groups, training as presenters or producers and becoming involved in fund raisers and special events. Sponsors: Because we are based in the community, our diverse programs and presenters reach a vast local audience every week. That makes sponsorship cost effective – no more metropolitan-wide media-spend to reach a market which is in your catchment area and, with a total of only 5 minutes an hour allowed, your message stands out. Importantly, sponsorship of community radio is a fraction of the cost of some other forms of advertising, it’s 100% tax deductible, and the money we earn is spent developing a better radio station for a growing audience. Community Announcements: 94.1 encourages non-profit organisations in Whitehorse to send us details of forthcoming events like: fetes, fundraisers and fun runs for promotion on the air free of charge. Live interviews can also be arranged with an appropriate presenter. To find out more about 94.1 browse the website, visit the studios located in the Box Hill Town Hall Hub, 1022 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill, 3128 or phone during business hours on: (03) 9285 4846. 94.1, Supporting Your Community and Voice of The Inner East.

Group Information

  • Street Address: Box Hill Town Hall Hub
  • Suburb: Box Hill
  • Postcode: 3128
  • Postal Address: PO Box 159
  • Postal Address Suburb: Box Hill
  • Postal Address Postcode: 3126
  • Phone: 9285 4846
  • Fax: 9285 4849
  • Email: info@3wbc.org.au
  • Website: www.3wbc.or.au
  • Contact Person: John Farmer
  • Contact Position: Station Manager
  • Contact Phone: 9285 4846
  • Alternative Contact Person: Loris Young
  • Alternative Contact Position: President
  • Alternative Contact Phone: 03 9285 4846
  • Categories: Communications and Media