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Eastern Climate Action Melbourne Inc (ECAM Inc)

A community group of like-minded people passionate about restoring our world to good health where the most dangerous impacts of climate change have been avoided. We seek to increase community awareness of what each of us can do in our own homes and businesses and to advocate for strong government action to reduce carbon emissions. Please contact the Secretary if you wish to be actively involved.

Group Information

  • Street Address: 15 Omeo Crt
  • Suburb: Blackburn South
  • Postcode: 3130
  • Postal Address: 15 Omeo Crt
  • Postal Address Suburb: Blackburn South
  • Postal Address Postcode: 3130
  • Phone: 0434 781 559
  • Contact Person: Jennifer Evans
  • Contact Position: Secretary
  • Contact Phone: 03 9877 9391
  • Alternative Contact Person: Kathy Leitch
  • Alternative Contact Position: President
  • Alternative Contact Phone: 0413 311 636
  • Categories: Gardening and Environment