Whitehorse City Council

Community Directory

Box Hill Community Information and Support

Food parcels, financial support (food vouchers, MYKI, petrol, pharmaceutical and utility assistance), information and referrals -- for those suffering hardship, who reside in the City of Whitehorse, north of Canterbury Road. (Eligibility is means-tested; no appointment necessary.)

Group Information

  • Street Address: 1/27 Bank Street
  • Suburb: Box Hill
  • Postcode: 3128
  • Postal Address: 1/27 Bank Street
  • Postal Address Suburb: Box Hill
  • Postal Address Postcode: 3128
  • Phone: 9285-4801
  • Email: info@boxhillcis.org.au
  • Website: www.boxhillcis.org.au
  • Contact Person: Barry Lindgren
  • Contact Position: Manager
  • Contact Phone: 9285-4801
  • Categories: Fundraising and Charitable Organisations