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Whitehorse Friends for Reconciliation

To work towards justice harmony and respect between all citizens in the City of Whitehorse. To work with the City of Whitehorse in developing policies and taking actions that will lift the profile and honour traditional owners of the land that the City

Group Information

  • Street Address: 57 Linda Street
  • Suburb: Box Hill North
  • Postcode: 3129
  • Postal Address: PO Box 248
  • Postal Address Suburb: Kerrimuir
  • Postal Address Postcode: 3129
  • Phone: 9898 2514
  • Email: howardtankey@bigpond.com
  • Website: www.reconciliationvic.org.au/index.cgi?tid=14
  • Contact Person: Howard Tankey
  • Contact Position: Secretary
  • Contact Phone: 9898 2514
  • Categories: Community