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Anglican Parish of Box Hill

The Anglican Parish of Box Hill has regular Sunday services at St Peter's as well as services on Wednesday and Friday. There are services in Mandarin, English and Dinka (Sudanese). There is a regular monthly family service as well as prayer groups, bible studies and other activities.

Group Information

  • Street Address: 1038 Whitehorse Road
  • Suburb: Box Hill
  • Postcode: 3128
  • Postal Address: P.O. Box 1199, Box Hill, Vic 3128
  • Postal Address Suburb: Box Hill
  • Postal Address Postcode: 3128
  • Phone: 9899 5122
  • Email: anglicans.boxhill@bigpond.com
  • Website: www.anglicansboxhill.org.au
  • Contact Person: Shane Hübner
  • Contact Position: Reverend
  • Contact Phone: 0432681177
  • Alternative Contact Person: Miss Cecilia Joyner
  • Alternative Contact Position: Office Administrator
  • Alternative Contact Phone: 9899 5122 on Thursdays
  • Categories: Religion