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Wandinong Sanctuary Advisory Committee

Restore and preserve Wandinong as natural bushland.

Whitehorse Community Indigenous Plant Project Incorporated Bungalook Nursery

Volunteers propagate many species of indigenous plants for distribution to City of Whitehorse bushland parks and schools or individuals wanting to purchase indigenous plants. Nursery updates published on website. We enjoy many excursions to bushland parks.

Wurundjeri Walk Advisory Committee

Advisory committee sponsored by Whitehorse City Council comprising local residents appointed by Council. Helps improve and maintain Wurundjeri Walk, a 20 hectare park incorporating Wurundjeri Creek. Activities include planting, bird watching and water quality testing.

Yarran Dheran Advisory Committee

Community volunteers on the committee and the Friends group care for and advise Council on the development, maintenance and management of this 7ha native bushland reserve in Mitcham and utilise the Information Centre, working bees and a range of guided walks and other activities to promote community appreciation of the Reserve which forms part of the Mullum Mullum Valley. Community members, groups and students are welcome to enjoy the Reserve, volunteer and participate in all activities.