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Community Grants

Cash grant applications for the 2016/2017 financial year are now closed.

Grant application for the 2016/2017 financial year for minor cash grants (up to $5,000) and major cash grants ($5001 to $20,000) are now closed.
No late applications can be made.

Applications for discounted support hall hire and free tipping are accepted all year round. See link below for discount support hall hire and discount support free tipping for 2016:

Cash grant applications for 2016/2017 closed on Friday 8 April. The assessment timeline for cash grant funding for the 2016/2017 financial year is shown below.

Timeline for cash grant funding for the 2016/2017 financial year
Friday 8 April 2016 Closing date for submission of grant applications to Council.
May/June 2016 Assessment process and Councillor panel consideration of grant applications.
July 2016 Final adoption of recommendations by Council and notification of community groups of success or otherwise in writing.
August 2016 Payment of community grants to successful applicants upon receipt of completed funding and service agreements.

For detailed information, read the pdf icon  Grants Information Booklet 2016.pdf (187.67kB).


Cash Grants 2017/2018 – Next Grant Round

Minor cash grants up to $5000 and major cash grants $5001 to $20,000 will be advertised late February/early March 2017.

Who Can Apply?

Community groups wishing to apply for a cash grant need to be not-for-profited, incorporated or auspiced by an incorporated body, based or operate in Whitehorse and/or have a majority of Whitehorse members. The full criteria for each grant category is listed in each grant application pack.

Community Grants Policy

For more information, read Council’s pdf icon Community Grants Policy 2014.pdf (54.04kB).

The Community Grants Program Does Not Fund

The community grants program does not fund:  

  • Activities which Council regards as clearly the responsibility of other levels of government (for example, activities or programs in the school system or hospital system)
  • The community grants program does not fund salary or wages in their entirety but a portion of a grant may be directed towards salary or wages cost to implement a project or service.
  • The community grants program does not fund political, religious or spiritual activities.
  • The community grants program does not fund rental, lease or accommodation costs.
  • The community grants program does not fund individuals, sole traders or profit-making organisations. 

The community grants program does not fund capital expenditure over $1500 (see explanation below). 

The Grants Program Does Not Fund Capital Expenditure over $1500

The Community Grants Program does not fund land purchase, buildings, building extensions, room extensions, building materials, vehicles, major equipment or installations of any type, storage, construction works, refurbishment, renovations, playgrounds, playground installations, retaining walls, shade cloths, landscaping, earthworks, toy purchases, computers, garden redevelopment or installations, water tanks, solar panels, computer software, uniforms, musical instruments etc.

Requests for funding of items of this nature must total no more than $1500 and must be made on the Minor Grant Application Form.  Any requests of this nature, totalling over $1500 will be deemed capital expenditure and not eligible for funding.



For more information, phone Council's Social Planning Officer Julie Lyons on 9262 6434 or email julie.lyons@whitehorse.vic.gov.au


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