Whitehorse City Council

Composting & Worm Farms

Council encourages residents to compost their food scraps and garden waste to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.  


Composting is a natural process that is easy, inexpensive and great for the garden. Council has prepared some pdf icon Composting Information Sheet - Set Up (330.65kB) and short videos to help answer all your composting questions. To learn more about composting you can watch this short introductory video.

If you have been composting for a little while and are interested in some trouble shooting tips you may like to read this pdf icon Advanced Home Composting Sheet (2.48MB) and watch this short video below.


Worm Farms

Worm farms are a simple way to recycle food scraps. They take up little space and can even be kept indoors. The worms eat fruit and vegetable scraps and turn them into liquid and a rich soil-like substance called castings that can be put on the garden or in pot plants as fertiliser. To learn more about worm farming you can watch this short video below:

Council has prepared a pdf icon Worm Farming Information Sheet 1.pdf (340.41kB) to answer all your questions about setting up worm farms.  

If you have been worm farming for a little while and are interested in some troubleshooting tips, you may like to read and pdf icon  Worm Farming Information Sheet 2.pdf (1.63MB).


Bokashi Bucket – Indoor Food Recycling Systems

Council provide rebates for home composting equipment for full details visit www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au/Sustainability-Rebates.html

pdf icon Bokashi Fact Sheet.pdf (128.72kB)