Whitehorse City Council

Construction Management Plans

Managing construction in Whitehorse

Council has a vibrant level of development activity within the municipality. It is important to Council that developments on private land are able to be completed efficiently and without being unduly hampered. Council also recognises the need to balance growth with the need to ensure construction impacts are minimised and that Council assets are not damaged for the safety of the community.

Council requires developers and builders to carefully manage excavation, demolition and building works within the municipal boundaries. An important focus is given by Council to construction issues therefore a Construction Management Plan is required for some planning permits.

Before submitting a CMP for an assessment

Please contact Council on 9262 6303 to arrange a meeting with Council's Construction Management Plan Liaison Officer.

At the meeting, CMP requirements will be discussed on-site prior to the preparation and submission of a CMP which will help streamline the process.

What is a Construction Management Plan?

A Construction Management Plan (CMP) specifies how construction activity for a project will be organised to minimise disruption to the surrounding community. Some areas that may need to be addressed in a CMP are:

  • Public safety, amenity and site security
  • Operating hours
  • Noise control
  • Air and dust management
  • Stormwater and sediment control
  • Waste management 
  • Traffic management.

The aim of a CMP is to specify the most appropriate way to carry out the construction on an approved development. There are generally three stages to a development. The CMP must address each of the stages below:

  • Demolition
  • Excavation
  • Construction.

Why is a Construction Management Plan necessary?

Council and the community understands the impact large construction sites can have on local amenity. The objective of a CMP is to carefully identify and minimise impacts on residents, protect Council and other assets and to ensure the community is safe. Although it is not possible to eliminate all impacts during construction, the appropriate design and implementation of a CMP ensures that common concerns associated with building sites are minimised.

What information is required?

Each CMP is site specific and requires different information depending on a range of matters, such as:

  • Accessibility
  • Traffic complexities
  • Size of the site
  • Existing site condition
  • Scale of the proposed development
  • What plant and equipment is necessary for the development.

Council considers all of these aspects when deciding what is required in a CMP.

Whitehorse Council has prepared Construction Management Plan Guidelines to help builders and developers prepare a CMP. Download the guidelines by clicking on the link below:

Other Council permits and approvals may also be required as part of the development of a CMP.

When a CMP is being considered by Council, advice is provided across a range of Council departments.

Council may request as part of the CMP that the developer or builder informs local residents and businesses about their operation over the course of the project, or when there is a significant change in development activity (e.g. changing from the demolition to construction stage).

For further information, please phone 9262 6333 or email customer.service@whitehorse.vic.gov.au