Whitehorse City Council

Corporate Documents

Council produces a range of publications to ensure residents, businesses and visitors to Whitehorse have easy access to information about Council and the municipality.

Annual Report
The Annual Report details Council's performance during the previous financial year, and presents a snapshot of the hundreds of services and programs that Council provides for its residents.

Budget 2018/2019
Council's current budget ending this financial year, June 2019.
Have Your Say on what you want to know about the 2019 budget.

Council Plan 2017-2021
The Council Plan sets out the strategic objectives that Council will pursue over a four-year period.

Council Vision 2013-2023
The Council Vision encapsulates the aspirations of Councillors, community and staff about the future of the City of Whitehorse and articulates this through a Vision statement, and five key strategic directions.

Whitehorse Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017-2021
The Whitehorse Health and Wellbeing Plan describes the priorities and objectives for the health and wellbeing of the people of Whitehorse, and the key strategies that Council in partnership will undertake over the next four years.