Whitehorse City Council

Council Meetings

Council generally holds two formal meetings each month, with a Special Committee of Council and Ordinary Council, except January, where there is only an Ordinary Council meeting held. Please refer to the Council Meeting Schedule for specific meeting dates. At Council meetings, Councillors debate issues, make decisions, approve proposals, fulfil the statutory requirements of the Council, approve its budget and plan for the future. 

Unlike Ordinary Council Meetings, the Special Committee of Council does not consider planning matters, but does provide for members of the public to make presentations. A person wishing to make a presentation is asked to register prior to the meeting by telephoning 9262 6337 (please refer to the Public Submissions section for more details).

All meetings are open to the public and commence at 7pm in the Council Chamber, Whitehorse Civic Centre, 379 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading.

For those persons who are unable to attend meetings, you can access a live stream of a meeting (as its being conducted) or view an archived meeting (after the event) by visiting webcast.whitehorse.vic.gov.au.

Please note that a video copy of a live stream will normally be available as an archived copy within 48 hours after the meeting. 

About Council Meetings
Council meeting procedures, motions and amendments, public submissions.

Agendas & Minutes
Download agendas and minutes of Council meetings.

Council Meeting Schedule
Dates and times of Council meetings.

Public Submissions Guidelines
Guidelines for public submissions at Special Committee Meetings.

Ordinary Council Meetings Public Question Time
Guidelines and form for members of the public to submit questions at Ordinary Council Meetings.

Petition to Council
Information about presenting a petition to Council.

For meeting procedures and use of common seal, please read the following Local Law: pdf icon Meeting Procedures and Common Seal Local Law 2013 Signed and Sealed (7.88MB).