Whitehorse City Council

Councillors & Wards

Elected by residents, councillors are responsible for making decisions regarding the City of Whitehorse. The current Councillors were elected in October 2016 and will remain in office until October 2020.

The City of Whitehorse is divided into five wards. Two councillors were elected to represent each ward. Click on the links below for more information about the City of Whitehorse's councillors and their wards.

To find your ward and representing councillor, visit Whitehorse Maps

Profiles and contact details of councillors.

Council Wards
Information about the five wards that make up the City of Whitehorse.

Role of a Councillor
Explanation of the role of councillors in local government.

Councillor Code of Conduct

Please download the PDF icon Councillor Code of Conduct - Declaration by Councillors - Adopted 20 Feb 2017 (644.89kB).