Whitehorse City Council


Whitehorse City Council has 10 Councillors elected by residents to govern the city. Councillors work together to set Council’s strategic direction and to make important decisions regarding the whole municipality. In making these decisions, Councillors consider the views of, and consult with, the community. They also work closely with the Chief Executive Officer and Council administration.

The City of Whitehorse is divided into five wards: Central, Elgar, Morack, Riversdale and Springfield. Two Councillors are elected to represent each ward, every four years. The Mayor is elected by the Councillors to serve as the principal ambassador for the city for a twelve-month term.

The following Councillors were elected on 22 October 2016 to represent the city’s five wards. The results of the 2016 Council election were officially declared by the Victorian Electoral Commission at 11.30am on Wednesday 2 November at the Nunawading Civic Suite.

Central Ward

Cr Denise Massoud (Mayor)

Locked Bag 2
Nunawading Delivery Centre VIC 3131
Phone: 0409 230 499

Cr Denise Massoud has lived in Whitehorse for 28 years. She was elected to Council in the October 2012 Council election. Cr Massoud has worked on many committees to support local children and the community. Her interests include maintaining Whitehorse’s treed residential environment and supporting enhanced aged care and disability services in the home.

She is keen for more Council funded childcare places and community and sporting facility upgrades.


Cr Andrew Munroe

PO Box 30
Blackburn VIC 3130
Phone: 0429 138 140

Cr Andrew Munroe was re-elected to Council in October 2016 for his third term as a Councillor.  Cr Munroe has previously served as Mayor on two occasions,  during 2012/13 and 2014/15.
A lifelong resident of the Central Ward, Cr Munroe works as Telecommunications Engineer and his area of expertise is in information technology.
He is also a founding Director and current Chairman of the Blackburn South Community Bank.

Elgar Ward

Extraordinary vacancy to be filled.

Cr Tina Liu

 Cr Tina Liu

PO Box 5024
Laburnum VIC 3130
Phone: 0418 121 357

Cr Tina Liu was elected to Council in October, 2016. She has tertiary qualifications in Information Systems and Commerce from Melbourne University. She works in marketing and event management.

Cr Liu is an active member of the local community and has assisted with various community initiatives such as safety and crime prevention, food safety, recycling/waste management, local business, arts and cultural activities and sports engagement.

Her interests include community service and engagement, community health and wellbeing, sustainability, marketing and events. Cr Liu looks forward to working with the Whitehorse community.

Morack Ward

Cr Raylene Carr

Cr Raylene Carr

PO Box 6060
Vermont South 3133
Phone: 0400 886 889

Cr Raylene Carr was re-elected in October 2012 for her second term. She has lived in Vermont South for 28 years and is married with two adult children.

Cr Carr has been on the Whitehorse Manningham Regional Library Corporation board for four years, including one year as chair. As a past committee member of Vermont South Community House, Cr Carr recognises the vital contribution of volunteers. Her areas of interest include traffic management, public open spaces, libraries, childcare, and aged and disability community groups. She supports shared bicycle off-road paths and small business initiatives.

Qualifications include a Diploma of Business and being a government approved dog training instructor.

Cr Bill Bennett

Cr Bill Bennett 2016

PO Box 219
Vermont 3133
Phone: 0409 195 530

Cr Bill Bennett was re-elected to Council for his second term in October, 2016. His tertiary qualifications include Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) from RMIT and a Diploma of Renewable Energy from Swinburne University. Cr Bennett is married and has 2 sons.

He has lived in the City of Whitehorse since 1971 and is an active member of the community with memberships to the Lions Club of South Vermont, Vermont Men’s Shed, Nunawading Community Gardens and the Alternative Technology Association.

His interests include urban design, solar installations and saving water within the community.

Riversdale Ward

Cr Sharon Ellis

Cr Sharon Ellis 

PO Box 8178
Burwood Heights 3151
Phone: 0419 397 194

Cr Sharon Ellis was re-elected to Council serving her fifth term in October, 2016. Cr Ellis has lived in Surrey Hills for a number of years and is married with three adult children. Her areas of interest include planning and environment, affordable housing, aged care and disability issues.

She previously served 14 years in the Victorian public service, including the areas of housing, superannuation and policy development.

Cr Ellis achievements include being Whitehorse Mayor for 2005/06 and 2013/14 and four-time chair of the Whitehorse Manningham Regional Library Corporation. She also has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in politics and sociology.

Cr Ellis has developed close links with many local clubs and community groups in Whitehorse – she is an honorary member of the Mont Albert Surrey Hills Rotary Club.

Cr Andrew Davenport

PO Box 2230
Blackburn South 3130
Phone: 0407 652 145

Cr Andrew Davenport was re-elected to Council in October, 2016. Andrew’s tertiary qualifications include a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), and a Bachelor of Commerce. He is currently studying a Master of Commercial Law on a part time basis. Andrew is married with 2 children.

He has been an active member of the City of Whitehorse for over 10 years and enjoys being a member of Freemasons Victoria, Box Hill Hawks Football Club, (social) member of Bennettswood Bowling Club and is also an honorary member of the Mont Albert Surrey Hills Rotary Club.

Cr Davenport’s areas of interest include supporting local businesses, increasing library services, council finances, improving amenities across Whitehorse and encouraging female participation in sport.

Springfield Ward

Cr Ben Stennett

PO Box 120
Nunawading 3131
Phone: 0448 375 937

Cr Ben Stennett was re-elected to Council in October, 2016 for his fourth consecutive term. He was elected as Mayor 2011 – 2012.

Cr Stennett’s tertiary qualifications include a Bachelor of Applied Science (majoring in Information Technology and Economics) and a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary).

His areas of community interest include the Whitehorse-Matsudo Sister City Relationship and improving child friendly facilities.

Cr Prue Cutts

Prue Cutts

PO Box 2195
Rangeview VIC 3132
Phone: 0409 867 540

Cr Prue Cutts was elected to Council in October, 2016. Her tertiary qualifications include a Bachelor of Science with Honours (Psychology), a Diploma in Education and a Graduate Certificate in Career Development.

The majority of her career has been within the education sector as a teacher (including kinder, primary, secondary, TAFE, adult education) and is currently employed as a casual relief primary teacher. For almost 20 years, she worked as a vocational psychologist and as a national business development manager.

Cr Cutts is an active member of the community and belongs to the Heatherdale Community Action Group and is a recent Chair of the Heatherdale Creek Parklands Advisory Committee. In 2015, she was a Committee member of the KBH Brumbies Junior Hockey Club and has volunteered across the community including the RSPCA, Box Hill Hospital and various primary schools.

Her areas of interest include preserving the neighbourhood character of precincts, buildings and open spaces, active engagement of youth and the elderly, community health and wellbeing, affordable housing, reducing traffic congestion on our streets, and enhancing community and sporting facilities.