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What is Council doing to prevent family violence and violence against women and children?

Whitehorse Council is committed to the prevention of family violence and violence against women and children. Taking action to prevent violence against women is about promoting respectful and equal relationships – in relationships, families, groups, cultures and organisations, and in all the places where we live, work and recreate – as well as not standing by when we witness disrespect, sexual harassment and discrimination. Equity measures in sports ground use is an example of how Whitehorse City Council strives to promote gender equity in its day to day business.

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The Whitehorse Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017-2021 prioritises the prevention of family violence and violence against women and children.

Current actions include, but are not limited to:

  • CEO Participation in the Listen Learn and Lead Project to increase equity in organisational practices
  • Employee Flexibility Policy and Family Violence Policy, guidelines and leave provisions accompanied by Family Violence Resource kit for staf
  • Partner in Eastern Metropolitan Region Together for Equality and Respect Strategy and regional campaigns
  • The pdf icon Whitehorse Prevention of Family Violence and Violence Against Women Collaborative Action Working Group (148.50kB) with over 20 different organisations participating
  • Funding of Community Grants that align with Council Strategic Directions and Health and Wellbeing priorities
  • Engaging fathers and promoting gender equity in Maternal and Child Health and Early Years Services
  • Capacity development of Council’s workforce to recognise, respond and refer in cases of elder abuse and child abuse, as well as other forms of family violence
  • Women’s Leadership and Business Programs
  • Undertaking collaborative projects to promote equality and respect in community settings, such as the pdf icon Inner East Interfaith Unite for Safety and Respect Project (168.36kB)
  • Whitehorse Celebrates Equality and Respect program in November – December, focusing on stopping violence against women from happening in the first place.

For further information about these initiatives, please contact CDEnquiries@whitehorse.vic.gov.au

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