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Discover Box Hill

Through its history of growth and investment, Box Hill has a strong economic and social base to support continued growth and development. Box Hill possesses all of the major attributes needed to be a true alternative to Melbourne CBD, such as a variety of professional jobs, business, banking, government, retail, healthcare, community services, education, transport, recreation, arts and culture. 

Box Hill offers the ideal balance of work and play, offering excellent economic prospects together with vibrant and enjoyable lifestyle opportunities. It has a diverse industry base that contributes a wealth of opportunity for both existing and prospective businesses seeking to benefit from the infrastructure and economic activity. 

Investing in Box Hill makes sense. In recent years, public and private sector investment has further increased boosting growth in development within the activity centre. This has included public and private healthcare, education facilities, residential apartments, specialised accommodation and commercial development. New development in the Box Hill Metropolitan Activity Centre can be clearly seen through the numerous high-rise developments on the skyline. Box Hill is expected to soon have the tallest building outside of the Melbourne CBD, with the approval of the 36 storey and 26 storey Whitehorse Towers, to include retail and office space as well as a 100 room hotel and more than 500 apartments. 

Whitehorse City Council, the state government and federal government continue to invest in Box Hill and are committed to supporting further growth in this Metropolitan Activity Centre. Continued major government investment in Box Hill is directly in line with government policy for a sustainable urban development, through economic, social and environmental efficiencies to accommodate sustainable population growth, growth in jobs, education and training, and health. 

Building an Even Better Box Hill

Whitehorse City Council has specialised information and data available to assist in the planning and decision making to invest within the Box Hill Metropolitan Activity Centre, such as:

  • Box Hill Economic Profile which provides a snapshot of the economy of the Box Hill Metropolitan Activity Centre hosting data such as employment, output, information, trends and much more.
  • Box Hill Community Profile which provides a summary of the community within the Box Hill Metropolitan Activity Centre with information such as housing, wellbeing, population, families, trends etc.
  • Box Hill Investment Profile showcases the many projects, developments and investment opportunities within the Box Hill Metropolitan Activity Centre.

Alternatively, download the Discover Box Hill Investment Attraction Brochure: 

pdf icon Box Hill Investment Attraction Brochure English Version (1.88MB)
pdf icon Box Hill Investment Attraction Brochure Simplified Chinese Version (2.06MB)

To obtain a hard copy of the ‘Discover Box Hill’ Investment Attraction Brochure contact the Business and Economic Development Unit on 9262 6333 or business@whitehorse.vic.gov.au