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Domestic Animal Management Plan

Domestic Animal Management Plan - dog Victorian Councils are required by legislation to prepare and implement a Domestic Animal Management Plan (DAMP) every four years. Whitehorse City Council’s pdf icon  DAMP Booklet 2017-2020 (415.48kB) was adopted by Council in October 2017. The plan highlights a strategic framework that aims to assist in educating our community on responsible pet ownership issues, promote the benefits of pet ownership, ensure appropriate levels of community compliance are in place and raises the profile and importance of effective domestic animal management. The plan addresses matters including:

• How important pets are to people who live in Whitehorse
• Concerns about animal related matters
• Ideas and resources to assist residents to manage and care for their pets
• Dogs in parks and reserves
• Suggestions that ensure animals and people live together harmoniously
• How well information provided by council about pets and animal management addresses your needs

Section 68A of the Domestic Animals Act 1994 requires councils to periodically evaluate any program, service strategy or review outlined in the DAMP. The Act also requires annual reviews and an evaluation of its implementation, published in Council’s annual report.

Council ran a survey during June to gain community feedback on what they feel is the most important animal management issues within Whitehorse. The aim is for Council to take this information and focus on and review one animal management matter per year including:

• Regulations
• Controls surrounding it them or the regulations?
• Conduct further community engagement

You can view the pdf icon  analysis of the survey (716.06kB) which found a key area for focus is dog off lead spaces.

This is a contentious and divisive subject matter with strong competing wants from walkers, dog owners, runners, cyclists and sporting clubs.

A follow-up targeted survey sent to 2,700 residents was conducted from November 2017 to January 2018 by Nexus Research which aimed to gather more detailed community feedback about dogs and parks from a diverse cross section of Whitehorse residents. The survey canvased a number of issues including awareness of off-lead parks, use of our park, responsible dog ownership and views from a range of competing uses of these parks.

300 resident were included per post code within Whitehorse, with half addressed to residents with registered dogs and half to those without.

Further to this Stakeholders were invited to comment on the current off leash areas within Whitehorse. The information provided in the survey results will now inform a review in to existing off lead arrangements in Whitehorse.

pptx icon  DAMP Survey Results (576.79kB)

If you require further information please contact Danielle Pepyat, Compliance Department on 03 9262 6333 or email: Danielle.Pepyat@whitehorse.vic.gov.au.

Did you know?

Interesting facts at Whitehorse City Council 2016/17

  • Registered dogs: 15,330
  • Registered cats: 6,920
  • Off lead parks: 19
  • Complaints dealt with annually in relation to animals: 1,600

Thank you to everyone who completed our survey, and provided feedback and ideas on the very topic of Domestic Animal Management, in particular on cats and dogs.

Domestic Animal Management Plan - cat