Whitehorse City Council

ESD Management Plan and Green Travel Plan

An ESD Management Plan and Green Travel Plan are required for all larger developments comprising of 10 or more new residential dwellings, or non-residential developments of more than 1000m2 Gross Floor Area (including alterations or additions).

ESD Management Plan

An ESD Management Plan is the result of a comprehensive investigation and review of the ways in which a development addresses key environmental criteria within its design. It is expected that a suitably qualified environmental consultant will be required to prepare the ESD Management Plan & Green Travel Plan to the required level of detail.

The downloadable reference below provides further information on the key environmental categories to be addressed within the report:

Green Travel Plan

A Green Travel Plan outlines a collection of strategies, targets and actions designed to encourage the use of more sustainable methods of transport, such as walking and cycling for short trips, or public transport and carpooling for longer trips. The aim is to reduce the frequency of single-occupancy car trips where possible. Environmental objectives are to create an improved local air quality with less noise, dirt and fumes as well as reducing the impact on other national and global issues such as photochemical smog and global warming.

Rating Tool Assisted

Council recommends the use of the Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard (BESS) to assist in the preparation of your SDA. BESS is a free online sustainability assessment tool purpose-built for the Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process (SDAPP) framework. Use of this tool will allow applicants to easily demonstrate that their project meets minimum environmental compliance standards.

You can access BESS at www.bess.net.au

BESS replaces the STEPS (residential) and SDS (non-residential) assessment tools.

An SDA can be submitted by enclosing the printout of the BESS report with your planning application.

Please note: where applicable, please ensure that ESD features outlined in the SDA are clearly annotated on your architectural plans.