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Environmentally Sustainable Development

Whitehorse City Council is committed to creating an environmentally sustainable city. A critical component in achieving this is ensuring that development meets high environmental standards from the design stage through to construction and operation. 

Council has prepared a new Environmentally Sustainable Development policy to provide guidance and establish expectations for environmental sustainability in new development, as well as giving policy support for Council’s assessment and decision-making on specific planning applications. For information about the amendment to the Whitehorse Planning Scheme, visit the Amendment C130 page.

Buildings are a major contributor to resource use and pollution. They consume 32 per cent of resources, including 12 per cent of water, and up to 40 per cent of energy. Activity that occurs in buildings produces 40 per cent of the waste going to landfill and generates 40 per cent of air emissions. 

Taking Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) principles into consideration during the design phase of a planning permit application provides the opportunity to make the greatest amount of difference in terms of sustainability for the least amount of cost. Large environmental improvements can be made at a profit, rather than a cost, through ESD to achieve up to an 85 per cent reduction in energy use, 60 per cent reduction in water use and 70 per cent reduction in construction waste. 

Council will be providing access to ESD tools, information and expertise to smaller and medium scale developers to support them in achieving better ESD outcomes.

More Information

How does the the sustainability assessment process work?

What do you need to submit based on your application type?

Please visit ESD Submission Guidelines

How do you prepare the required documents?

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Sustainable Building Categories

Whitehorse City Council has prepared a series of fact sheets which provide more information about ten key sustainable building categories. These fact sheets have been prepared in conjunction with other Councils participating in the Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process (SDAPP) program. Each Council has its own set of fact sheets which demonstrate their SDAPP categories and standards to achieve ‘best practice’ in that municipality.

The 10 Key Sustainable Building Category Fact Sheets are available below:

For more information about each of the sustainable building categories, visit www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au/ESD-FAQs.html

For information about ESD assessments, please contact Council’s Statutory Planning Unit on 9262 6333.