Whitehorse City Council

Eastern Transport Coalition

Whitehorse Council is an active participant in Eastern Transport Coalition (ETC). 

The ETC comprises the municipalities of Greater Dandenong, Knox, Manningham, Maroondah, Monash, Whitehorse and Yarra Ranges. The group advocates for sustainable, active and integrated transport in the eastern region of Melbourne to improve liveability and reduce car dependence for over one million people living in eastern Melbourne.

The group aims to work in partnership with federal and state governments to make much needed investments into the eastern regions’ transport network.

The ETC is currently advocating for a number of transport projects in Whitehorse, including:

  • Upgrading the Box Hill transport interchange
  • Extending the tram line along Burwood Highway from Vermont South to Knox
  • Constructing a walking and cycling path along the former Healesville Freeway Reservation
  • Constructing a walking and cycling path along the south side of Burwood Highway from EastLink to Morack Rd in Vermont South
  • Appropriate design and construction of the remaining sections of the Box Hill to Ringwood shared path
  • Removal of Whitehorse’s remaining level crossing at Mont Albert Road, Mont Albert and
  • Improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists to cross arterial roads

For full details of the ETC advocacy campaign visit www.etc.org.au