Whitehorse City Council

Emergency Management

Emergency Contact Information
Contact details for emergency services and Council's after-hours phone service.

Emergency Preparation
How to prepare your home and family for an emergency situation.

Flood Safety
What to do in the event of heavy rainfall or flooding.

Fire Safety
Keeping your family and home safe during bushfire season.

Heat-related Illness
Keeping safe during hot weather.

Municipal Emergency Management Plan
Strategic plan that assists Council with putting measures in place to prevent, reduce and responsd appropriately to emegencies.

How to prepare for a pandemic event.

Pets in Emergencies
Your animals are your responsibility and you need to prepare for their safety and welfare in the case of an emergency.

Storm Response
What to do if your life or home is threatened by a storm.

Thunderstorm Asthma
Protect yourself during pollen season

Victorian Flood Assistance Payments
Centrelink is delivering two emergency assistance payment to people affected by the floods on behalf of the Australian Government.