Whitehorse City Council

Emergency Preparation

You can prepare for an emergency by storing items you may need during an event such as candles, torches, first aid kits, canned food etc in a safe accessible location. All members of the family should know where these items are kept in your house and their purpose.

Do not depend on power and telephones, as they will often fail in an emergency. Radios may be your only means of accessing information during an emergency. Ensure you have a battery-powered radio and keep spare batteries handy. Tune your radio to ABC Local Radio 774 on the AM dial for emergency services announcements.

Know how and where to turn off your gas, electricity and water. Please see Whitehorse's Emergency Contact Information page for a list of emergency service numbers and other handy information.

Council has established two Emergency Relief Centres within the municipality. In the event of an emergency you may be instructed to evacuate by a police door-knock in your area or by radio/TV messages. You will be advised at the time of the location of the Emergency Relief Centre to which you should report.

The following publications have been prepared by Emergency Services and may assist you in preparing yourself, your family and your property should an emergency event occur near your home or business.

View an excellent example of an award winning community fire planning and preparedness strategy.