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Engineering Clearance

Engineering Permits - Stages of Civil Works

Engineering Permits are required to be obtained when civil assets (e.g. drains, roads, footpaths) are constructed/altered. Developments may require all or any of the below permits prior to commencement of any civil works.

Stage of Works Action Council Process


Design/Planning   Obtain Storm Water (Point of Discharge) Report
  1. Applying for Storm water (Point of Discharge) Report  
  2. Approval of Civil Plans (where appropriate)


Demolition/Construction Obtain correct Permits to enable works to commence
  1. Asset Protection Permit
  2. Consent to undertake works in the Road Reserve (applicable for drainage connection to Councils assetsincluding kerb and channel and Vehicle Crossing works)
  3. Consent to undertake works in the Drainage Easement (applicable for drainage connection within an easement and outfall drain construction)


All Works Complete

1.   Refund of Bonds

2.   Drainage Policy No 1 Submission (where outfall drain in excess of 10 Linear metres in place for 3 months)

  1. Final Inspection / Refund of Bonds - Contact Engineering Administration Department on 9262 6177
  2. Drainage Policy No 1 applications (where applicable)

Statement of Compliance - Engineering Clearance

In accordance with the Subdivision Act 1988, where new civil assets (e.g. drains, roads, footpaths) are constructed as part of subdivision works, Council‘s Civil Works Inspector needs to inspect the works to ensure they have been constructed in accordance with the approved Civil Plans.

Engineering Clearance is one of the certifications required before Statement of Compliance can be issued. Go to Subdivision Process for further information.

Subdivision Statement of Compliance required
(if applicable)

Engineering Clearance

Contact Engineering Administration Department on 9262 6177 to arrange for an appointment.

Note: An appointment will only be booked if Vehicle Crossing and/or Drainage works have been carried out under Council supervision by means of appropriate Consent as above. If no permits have been applied for at the time of construction you will be asked to apply retrospectively before an Engineering Clearance inspection can be booked