Whitehorse City Council

Planning Ahead Information Session – Grief & Loss

Tuesday 4 September 2018 to Tuesday 4 September 2018

FREE community information sessions to help you make informed decisions Uniting AgeWell has supported many clients, residents and family members during times of grief and loss. Everyone experiences grief differently and it is something that takes time to work through. Understanding the process and having the support and ability to talk about your loss is important.

Come along to learn how to access support groups or professional help, to look after yourself or help a person who is experiencing grief and loss. Our chaplain and Uniting AgeWell Palliative Care Specialist Kerry Whitlock will present on this topic.

T: 1300 783 435 unitingagewell.org/planning


  • Time: 02:00pm - 04:00pm
  • Venue: Uniting AgeWell Strathdon Community, 17 Jolimont Road, Forest Hill 3131
  • Cost: $0.00
  • Website: unitingagewell.org/planning
  • Organisation: Uniting AgeWell
  • Contact Person: Jo Jongebreur
  • Contact Phone: 0392765705
  • Contact Email: jjongebreur@unitingagewell.org