Whitehorse City Council

Event Permits

Thank you for considering the City of Whitehorse as the place to host your event.

Whitehorse City Council classifies events as public or private festivals or events, demonstrations or expos, fetes, markets, marches or rallies, and any other mass gathering that meets any of the below criteria:

  • 100+ attendees (including artists, staff, contractors, volunteers)
  • Requires temporary infrastructure (e.g. Marquees, portable movie screen, staging, PA system, portable toilets)
  • Includes two or more caterers / food vendors
  • Includes rides, inflatables or a petting zoo
  • Includes the sale of products or market stalls
  • Includes a road closure or footpath occupation
  • Includes a display of fireworks or pyrotechnics
  • There will be an impact on traffic conditions and parking
  • A fee is charged for entry or participation

All events held within Council managed spaces or roads require an Event Permit.

Full details about the event permit system, including the application process, details of required supporting documentation and timelines for submission can be found in the pdf icon  Event Permit Guide - As at Aug 2018 (152.03kB).


When to Apply

Event organisers should lodge their event permit application with Council as early in the planning process as possible.

How to Apply

Online by completing the online Event Permit Application Form  


Event Permit Terms and Conditions

As part of the event permit application process, event organisers are required to read and agree to the pdf icon  Event Permit - Terms & Conditions - As at Aug 2018 (77.54kB). All events held within the City of Whitehorse must be produced in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Fact Sheets, Event Permit Guide and Creating Supporting Documentation

If you are new to event organising, Council has created a series of Fact Sheets that can assist with your preparations:

pdf icon  Alcohol at events (44.37kB)

pdf icon  Amusement rides, jumping castles and inflatables (43.25kB)

pdf icon  Audience welfare (Toilets, Waste, First Aid, Drinking Water) (40.28kB)

pdf icon  BBQs, gas bottles and gas safety (42.91kB)

pdf icon  Crowd safety and emergency planning (41.13kB)

pdf icon  Electrical safety (43.53kB)

pdf icon  Extreme weather and total fire ban days (44.34kB)

pdf icon  Fire safety (97.80kB)

pdf icon  Food vendors (44.72kB)

pdf icon  Marquees and umbrellas (41.97kB)

pdf icon  Notifications and noise management (40.77kB)

pdf icon  Outdoor cinemas (42.28kB)

pdf icon  Petting zoos and animal farms (40.30kB)

pdf icon  Public liability insurance (PLI) (33.48kB)

pdf icon  Traffic Management (41.77kB)

pdf icon  Working with children (41.93kB)


The pdf icon  Event Permit Guide - As at Aug 2018 (152.03kB) provides event organisers with an overview of the event permit process and basic info on event delivery.

The pdf icon  Event Planning Guide_Creating Supporting Documentation - As at May 2015 (449.52kB) goes into further detail about to assist event organisers create supporting documents.

If you are looking for additional detailed information for safe event management, please refer to:

PDF icon  Safe and Healthy Crowded Places Handbook 2018 (1.91MB)

PDF icon  Safe and Healthy Crowded Places Checklists 2018 (523.37kB)

PDF icon  Safe and Healthy Crowded Places Further Resources 2018 (372.38kB)

Contact Us

If you require more information, please contact Council using the details below:
Administration and Events Officer
Phone: 9262 6352
Fax: 9262 6490
Email: festivals@whitehorse.vic.gov.au