Whitehorse City Council

Event Permits

If you are planning a formal event in Whitehorse it is likely that you will need to apply for an event permit.   

Any events falling under the categories below, which are held within or on a Council-managed space or road, will require an event permit. The permit system is in place to ensure that all events held within the municipal spaces are managed in a safe and structured manner, in accordance with current legislation, that minimises disruption to stakeholders and ensures all key parties are informed about the impacts of the event.  

Low Impact Events

  • 81–500 guests
  • 1-5 caterers or food vendors
  • Limited or no temporary infrastructure (for example: less than five marquees, additional tables and chairs)
  • Low or no noise impact
  • Low or no change to traffic conditions and parking
  • A fee charged for entry or participation. 

Medium Impact Events

  • 501-2500 participants, artists, staff, contractors, volunteers
  • 6-14 caterers or food vendors
  • Moderate temporary infrastructure required (for example: single stage, single PA system, less than ten marquees, less than 10 portable toilets)
  • Mid-high noise impact
  • Moderate additional traffic to the site area
  • 6-12 weeks advance planning required
  • A fee charged for entry or participation. 

High Impact Events

  • 2501+ participants, artists, staff, contractors, volunteers
  • 15+ caterers or food vendors
  • Substantial temporary infrastructure required (for example: staging, PA, marquees, toilets, catering)
  • High noise impact
  • Substantial additional traffic to the site area
  • Road closures or traffic stoppages required
  • 12+ weeks advance planning required
  • A fee charged for entry or participation. 

Event Permit Terms and Conditions

As part of the event permit application process, event organisers are required to read and agree to the pdf icon  Event Permit - Terms and Conditions 2017 (77.14kB). All events held within the City of Whitehorse must be produced in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. 

Event Permit Guides

As risks related with events vary, Council has set different planning requirements for low impact, medium impact and high impact events. Simply put, the bigger the event the more evidence of planning Council will require.  

To assist event organisers, the following guides have been created to explain the application process, details of required supporting documentation and timelines for submissions.  

pdf icon  Event Permit Guide for Low Impact Events - As at May 2015 (291.08kB)

pdf icon  Event Permit Guide for Medium High Impact Events - As at May 2015 (332.76kB)

New event organisers should refer to the documents below when preparing the supporting documents required for medium and high impact events: 

pdf icon  Event Planning Guide_Creating Supporting Documentation - As at May 2015 (449.52kB)

When to Apply

Event organisers should lodge their event permit application with Council as early in the planning process as possible. This will ensure that the proposed location is available on the date required and that the event permit application and required supporting documentation (if applicable) can be processed in advance of the event. 

Applications may be declined if event organisers do not submit applications with a sufficient time for processing and internal notifications and checks. Council processing times are listed in the table below. 

Processing Times: Event Permit Applications


Type of Event Processing Time
Low impact events 2-4 weeks
Medium impact events 2-4+ months
High impact events 4-6+ months

How to Apply

Applications can be made using the online Event Permit Application Form or email ard.admin@whitehorse.vic.gov.au for further information. 

Contact Us 

If you require more information, please contact Council using the details below:

Administration and Events Officer
Phone: 9262 6352
Fax: 9262 6490
Email: ard.admin@whitehorse.vic.gov.au